Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday - Day of Rest?


This was just the bit in between. Not much, but a few things to iron and what is done is done. Since being retired, I do not really have week-ends as it was. Just do what has to be done when I feel like it or to clear it out of the way. I can still hear my mum saying "I am not ironing on a Sunday", although she never went to the church on Sunday either. She would spend the morning in the kitchen cooking the Sunday roast and watching films on the tv in the afternoon. Dad would get out of the way and take his daughter "down the Lane" in the morning - Brick Lane, East End of London.

So to get back to modern times. Mr. Swiss and I are now retired, golden oldies, and so we take life as it comes. Before the week-end Mr. Swiss had the brilliant idea that I could make meat balls in a tomato sauce and spaghetti for lunch on Sunday, as I have not done it for some time. There is a reason for not having "done it" for a long time - it is work on a Sunday morning, but I had my own devious work saving method.

I bought the mince meat in advance, a mixture of veal, beef and pork, and did the mixture, combining it with various herbs from the garden (rosemary and origano) and the other ingredients the day before, so I had my mixture ready on Sunday. Making it into meatballs and a tomato sauce to go with it - no problem, although my friend from England did call me on the phone, but even that was overcome and I was well in time. I even washed the salad and made the sauce on Sunday morning, as well as cooking the spaghetti. As already mentioned the few spare minutes I had I ran the iron over a shirt and a some other things. Not that Mr. Swiss now wears shirts, his shirt and tie days are over since being a Darby (as opposed to me being a Joan), but the shirt belonged to the oldest son, who was actually still sleeping on Sunday morning until midday. He was out on the town yesterday evening, being part time roadie to a local band, and today is his birthday anyhow (43 today, unbelievable how time flies). 


You may now be thinking what is this apple tart doing here when I was talking about spaghetti and meat balls. That was something else I whipped up at the beginning, using up my apple glut again from the tree in the garden (see this blog). No problem, the pastry was ready rolled out, bought in the supermarket, so just peel and core the apples, slice them and arrange them on the pastry. Then make a sauce with 2 eggs, 5 dl of cream (you can use milk, but I like cream better), a spoonful of cornflour, sugar to taste and cinammon and mix it and pour it over. First of all 15 minutes in the oven, only the pastry and apples, then pour the liquid over and another 15-25 minutes in the oven until nicely brown all over. Then remove from oven, sprinkle with sugar and cinammon and that was the desert for today. This is a Swiss thing. They do it with all sorts of fruit.

If you were wondering what Mr. Swiss was doing all the time, he was out in town buying a few things as a contribution to the meal (tin of pomodori - tomatoes, and parmesan cheese), that I had forgotton to get on my last shopping trip. Yes, this meal was a real family thing.

Anyhow, not wanting to withhold the sight of meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti and a side salad, here is the result. I even got it all on the table by 12.30 midday, complete with photo session.

Spaghetti with Meatballs


  1. Both the lunch and the dessert look very inviting!!! Spaghetti & meatballs is a favourite dish of mine!!
    Happy Birthday to the elder Swiss Jnr!!

  2. Looks very good, you are very ambitious doing all those things at once.

  3. hold the desert. am comin over!!!