Saturday 1 September 2012

Cat Logic

Nera in Garden talking to frog

"Morning cats"

"Shhhhh Mrs. Human, Nera is meditating????" said Fluffy and Tabby in a unison miaow.

"She is doing what???? Since when do cats meditate?"

"Of course we meditate Mrs. Human. We meditate about tuna fish about cat nip, about the cat next door, even about dogs, although dogs do tend to send out negative waves, so we avoid that bit of meditation." miaowed Tabby.

Then Fluffy had a few words to say.

"Since Nera saw that Henri 2, Paw deDeux won the Golden Kitty at the Internet Cat Film Festival held in Minneapolis, and has the winning video on YouTube, she has decided to transcend to other dimensions and is talking to the frog in the garden to see if she can receive any waves. She is completely fascinated by the logic applied by Henri 2 and is sure that is the way to succeed."

"To succeed in what felines?" I asked.

"In the domination of the human race of course, Mrs. Human, to enhance our right to express our own opinions without being subject to negative waves from the human side. Sort of transcendential feline meditation." said Tabby.

"Errr Tabby, can you explain that? What does meditation with a china frog, which is dead material, have to do with freedom of thought. I was always under the impression that you cats, sorry felines, were in charge here and Mr. Human and I were just the creatures that kept your litter box clean and made sure for fresh supplies of food every day."

"Not that we are unsatified Mrs. Human" said Fluffy "but now and again we need respect towards our intellectural desires, perhaps a wise discussion like "I exist so therefore I am" as the famous JeanPaw Sartre said in a feline moment of discovery."

"Are you sure Fluffy, I thought that was the human Jean Paul Sartre."

"He had a cat Mrs. Human, so where do you think he got his ideas from?" and that remark was emphasised with a swish of a cat tail.

"Ok cats, I see, we humans were on the wrong track all the time."

"Not to mention Cataism Mrs. Human. Even the humans had to borrow that one with Dadaism. It was our idea in the first place. Human logic just leads to wars which gets you nowhere."

"It seems to me Tabby, that the cats have enough wars."

"Yes, but our wars are finished in a matter of minutes, human wars carry on for years."

"What's the conversation cats. Sounds like Mrs. Human is getting out of her depth again." and Nera left her moments of frog meditation and joined the discussion.

"We were telling Mrs. Human about 
Henri 2, Paw deDeux and his intelligent approach to life. We told Mrs. Human you was spending a moment of meditation finding deeper meanings in cat life."

"Yes well cats, that's the way it goes, although to be quite honest I was having a few minutes with my recyling process and found it a very nice comfortable place to do my feline business. The earth was soft and I could cover my private business quite well with a few scoops of the paw. But back to our new leader 
Henri 2, Paw deDeux the rightful winner of the Golden Kitty. Yes he is the bearer of the message of conquering the world with logic and philosophical meaning. You said something Mrs. Human?"

"No nothing of intellectual importance. I just wanted to mention that Mr. Human has just prepared three dishes of tuna fish, but it might be that it is not an opportune moment and I really do not want to disturb your feline paths of transcendential thought."

"No problem" said the three cats together "food always comes first, in the words of Bast, but afterwards we will all curl up in front of the computer, tune in to YouTube and watch 
Henri 2, Paw deDeux winning video as a dessert."

So we now leave Mrs. Human and her cat family alone to concentrate in rising to higher circles of meditation with the new feline hero, Henri 2, Paw deDeux.


  1. I can see why the cats like the video. It ranks right up there with 'Simon's Cat' and 'The Mean Kitty' song as classics of the feline genre. I laughed out loud.

  2. Love it Pat and so did Her Royal Highness. She sends High Five Paw Shakes to her Swiss friends.

  3. Loved it, only a cat person would understand.

  4. Where did you get the video Pat, like Mitch I laughed out loud.

    Minx missed out seeing this as she is sulking because there is a storm outside and she is not aloud out there.

    Love this post to bits.