Thursday, 20 September 2012

Excitement on a Misty Autumn Morning

Pampas on a misty Autumn morning

Crockery rattling in the kitchen
The smell of coffee in my nose
So get up and begin the day
Struggle to the kitchen in slippers and dressing gown
Look through the window to see if the day is worth it
My first thought "it's Autumn"
The pampas grass in the garden showing its plumes bravely
A background of bushes 
An then .....
It had arrived, the Autumn mist
Swirling its fingers over the landscape
Climbing up the banks of the River Aar and reaching the garden
forming the theater drapes and stage curtains

Forget the coffee, forget the dressing gown
Just one thought
This must be fixed in my memory
Grab the camera, open the window
Worried that the mist might disappear
Or perhaps the pampas would sink its heads 
Be quick, snap this moment
And afterwards
I poured my milk on the cereal, 
Dropped a tea bag in a cup of boiling water
I was relaxed
Knowing that my Autumn morning was safe