Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #265 - Life of a blogger goes on

Angelshine's Challenge
Write a funny poem about how the new year would be new to you!
Make it a short rhyming poem.

Ring out the old, ring in the new
I just have to give this a mention
This year I am older, not very much wiser
But will receive my old age pension

Am I richer, not really, but then who cares
I don’t really need money to look
Just for food and clothes and perhaps my computer
That I still can belong to Facebook

At home I am throwing old things away
Six bags of clothes I found
Another problem as the years go bye
My body is getting more round

But this is nothing compared to the queen
the president of states and Korea
They all have their problems, is written in the stars
Julian Assange they must fear

It is now the time to reflect and think
This year will be long, days go fast
I might become grandmother, I might win the lotto
Perhaps become famous at last

So I write my blogs, with poems and tales
of cats and horror and spies
Some may read them, some might laugh
I might even get some replies
Thank you Sue for a wonderful chance
for all of us to write
In this world of darkness and troubled waters
You shed many rays of light.

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