Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The feline aspect of snow

Tabby and Nera snow watching
"Tabby, you go first and tell me how it is." Nera was not happy, it had been snowing and this caused a problem with a territorial inspection.

"You must be joking" was Tabby's answer "I do not have a death wish, that snow and ice will freeze off my claws, not to mention my ears."

"Now don't be stupid Tabby, it is only frozen water after all."

"In that case Nera, you go first and tell me how it is. You cannot be afraid of frozen water."

"That is not the point Tabby. I am the pack leader here and I say who goes and who goes not."

"Nera if your courage was as big as your mouth, you would be out there in the snow now, giving us a report about how to manage."

"What's the problem ladies" and Fluffy arrived "Don't tell me that Nera is afraid of a little bit of snow. Even the birds are flying around in it."

"Of course they are Fluffy" answered Nera "there are no brave cats out there looking for flying food. So Tabby, move, go and have a look."

"No Nera, I had a nice plate of tuna fish for breakfast and I really don't think I could manage a bird dinner. You go shopping Nera, it is your idea."

"I will go girls if you are both frightened of a little  bit of snow."

"Did you hear Nera, Fluffy, our little co-cat has volunteered. If I was a big black weighty, sorry, fluffy cat I would be ashamed to know that a cat half our size would be out braving the dangers of a snow infested world, because we were frightened."

"You are frightened Tabby, not me" said Nera.

"I am not frightened, Nera, I just do not feel any longing to walk around in cold snow."

"Ok, ok, Tabby, then I will go. If I don't return, tell Mrs. Human to put a plate less of tuna fish out at the next feeding time. I probably won't return to eat it. Fluffy, you can have my favourite sleeping place at the top of the cat gymnastic center."

"Am I also included in your last will and testament Nera?"

"Definitely not Tabby, it is because of you and your snow complex, that I have to go out and brave a cold, unfriendly and unknown world outside. Or did you want to go Fluffy?"

"No thanks Nera, on second thoughts I would not want to take the opportunity away from you of being the hero of the neighbourhood. Nera, I have a question?"

"Yes Fluffy."

"Do I inherit your lovely red collar with the fishbone pattern if you don't return. If I do, can you leave it here before you go."

"Fluffy my little friend, I have just one word for you. Hissssss" and she swiped her paw around Fluffy's ears. "Anyone got something else to say before I go. Farewell Tabby, farewell Fluffy." and Nera was outside.

"Tabby, how comes Nera is just sitting in front of the window and doesn't go further?"

"Don't ask silly questions Fluffy. She is too scared to go further."

Nera, tabby and Fluffy snow watching
After a few minutes Nera returned.

"Did you see me" she said "how brave I was outside in the cold mean white snow and ice."

"Don't you think you are exaggerating a bit Nera." was Tabby's reply.

"Well it is a bit of a disappointment Nera" was Fluffy's response. "I was so looking forward to a nice collar with fish bones on it."

"You are two ungrateful cats. I risked my life outside in the snow for you both. Hello, Tabby and Fluffy, are you listening?"

But Tabby and Fluffy were already sleeping dreaming of a White Christmas. Nera decided to join them.

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