Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Good News from the Swiss Government for me

I have already documented my experiences with the Swiss State Pension Scheme and my journey through the avenues of Swiss bureaucracy until I got the official letter stating how much and that I would get my regular payments starting this month.

Now I have received a further letter from the financial department of the Swiss State, arriving on New Years Eve. They have informed me that according to the agreement between the EU and Switzerland, I am entitled to my English pension for the two years of work I did in England. The Swiss government have now contacted the english pension service in Newcastle on my behalf, enclosing the necessary documents, and telling them to organise payments for any pension that I am entitled to for these two years.

Don't you just love the Swiss and their organisation. The last sentence of the letter I received translated says "by this opportunity we wish you a happy New Year".

And here they are our wonderful ministers that spent a little thought on me over the New Year. The official Swiss government minister photo for 2011.

bundesrat 2011
Would add the lady in the middle is this years president Micheline Calmy-Rey

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