Tuesday 7 August 2012

Creative Writers Challenge #190 - Night Shift - Guess who we are

We are permanently on the night shift
Sliding noiselessly over paths of shadows
Alert and ready for a vibration in the air
Dark for us, never, every movement trapped by our senses
Who are we?
Not important
You think we sleep during daylight
We are gathering our strength and wits
Preparing for the night and its movements
Jump and pounce
Just the flight of a bat, creating a displacement of air with its leather wings
Not our problem
And there!
A rodent slipping past
Diving into the tangles of grass and finding refuge in an earthly home
But we wait with patience in the night
We creatures of darkness can wait

But now the time is coming to move homewards
We will sleep the lighter part of life away
Tonight we will again be on the night shift

Tabby and Nera

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