Wednesday 8 August 2012

Creative Riters Challenge #84 - Dad

Creative Writers challenge #84

I phoned my dad on father’s day
How are you dad, are things O.K.
Just the same, just the same
And what about you?
What can I say, so I am fine 

I know he cannot walk so well
The years are going by
At the age of ninety-seven
The body becomes more a burden than a help

Perhaps he remembers when I was small
I think he might, but he would never say
We are both growing older
We both forget
We have other problems now 

I have no photos in my father’s arms
Àlthough he did push the pram
The mother cared for the baby
A dad worked 
To bring home the money to pay for everything

A five year war had finished
Europe was in ruins 
There was no time to take it easy
Watching the baby grow
There were other things to do

So dad would take me for walks on Sunday morning
While mum was cooking lunch
We went to the local Sunday morning flea market
Buying old records, buying comics for me
Days I will never forget

Going on holiday once a year
Burying dad in the sand on the beach
Having my first swimming lessons with dad
Other moments I will not forget

I left home for another country 
Not so far, but far enough
Then dad was on his own, getting older
But he understood

And today we are still apart
I speak to my dad during the week by phone
I see him once a year
He never had the time to watch me as a baby

And now he is just the same, just the same

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