Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #204 - Ease

“Nera, where are you“ I called in a loud voice. Although cats do have a sensitive hearing, if they are concentrated on something they do just tend to ignore us humans. We are only the “bring me, fetch me” objects in their superior lives.

“Nera, will you come here, immediately” and then I saw a four legged figure in the distance. She came closer, swaying from side to side similar to a ship on its maiden voyage. There was no stress or haste about Nera. She was the queen cat of the pack and behaved as worthy of her position. Tabby, her litter sister, would have sprung through the meadow similar to a formula one car at the Monaco Grand Prix, a flash of furry stripes , but Nera? No, she had to preserve her sense of dignity.

And then something happened. The atmosphere of ease was gone. Nera became a feline kangaroo. Her paws pounding on the undergrowth, he body raising and falling with each step and almost as fast as Tabby, but not quite. I could almost feel the vibrations on the ground. Shifting Nera’s weight on her four paws and short legs at a speed was not easy.

What had happened? I soon saw the reason for the panic and unease in her steps. Nera ran towards me similar to a lightening blitz. Well, not quite, but for her normal movements it was super sonic velocity. 

“Whew, that was close” panted Nera, her long red tongue hanging out on one side of her mouth as she arrived.

“Am I safe now?” she asked, turning her head at 180 degrees to see if the cause for the speed was still there. “Is that feline muscle parcel of a tom cat still behind me?”

“You mean Rosti?” I asked. That is the neighbour’s cat. “No, Nera you are safe, he saw me and decided to change his direction.”

“Mrs. Human, are you implying that he stopped the chase, because he was frightened of a member of the subordinate human species? No way Mrs. Human. He stopped chasing me because I was too fast for him.”

And Nera sauntered off again, one paw after the other, swaying from side to side as if she had no cares in the world. The personification of ease.

I will never understand feline logic.

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