Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge 133 - Balance

Justice Fountain, Bern

Hold on to the balance, it has lost the way
My head is turning, my thoughts go astray
I stumble, I fall, give me your hand
The impact is hard, not falling on sand

Why did you do this, you left me alone
I did not deserve it, broken this bone
I am bleeding inside, you have broken my heart
You push me away, like a pig in a cart

My feelings are tilted, am I your wife?
Here is the justice I restore with this knife
And now you are trembling, your turn to shiver
As I plunge in this weapon, you soon stop to quiver

Now I feel better, it was only a dream
But reality is stronger, don’t think I am mean
We will stay together until death do us part
I warn you the last time, have care to my heart

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