Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blog a Day No. 5 - Shopping


Today was Friday, and time for a week-end hunting trip in the local supermarket. The fridge was almost empty, the cupboards contained only basics and it was time to depart. It was quite an adventurous journey. We decided not to drive through town, too many obstructions with road works, and started the journey via our local castle grounds. Narrow road, but very little traffic, and living in the village where the castle is, we have special permission. Although I would add that if I was driving alone and was stopped by a policeman and should show my permit, it would probably take half an hour to find it. Must ask Mr. Swiss where he keeps it.

Anyhow after the castle we passed by the local high school, known as Gymnasium in the local lingo. This was a mistake, as it seemed an excursion had been planned for the teenage scholars and the bus stop next to the school was spilling over with bluejeans t-shirt clad youths, not really caring if they walked on the road or the pavement. However, this obstacle was also overcome with a remark from Mr. Swiss that we would have been better off going through town, or taking another diversion through another village. The other village would have added another ten minutes to the journey, but I decided to remain calm.

We arrived and noticed that the car park was extremely full today, meaning that the supermarket would also be extremely full. After parking the car we entered into the group of merry shoppers battling for their week-end proviants (see the photo). As you can see there is a mystery person on this photo who wishes to remain unknown. Whether it was a famous personality, an escaped convict or perhaps a well known local politician, I will leave to your imagination. Suffice it to be said that he did not want to be seen by a few thousand Multiply people that might read this blog.

We had many choices to make. Which meat should we buy, do the vegetables look fresh, is the fruit running out? I definitely knew that our supply of chives and basil in the garden was on a low level, so bought two pots to boost up the supply, which I still have to plant, but I will wait for the sun to disappear; too hot for a planting session in the garden at the moment.

We arrived home, tired but happy, and was met with three cats glad to see us again. More or less: Fluffy was still sleeping, Tabby had disappeared and Nera was drumming her paws on the carpet to say let me out. I came in for some food and the cat flap is now closed. Of course our first duty was to release a fluffy longhaired black cat to freedom. Did she meow “thankyou”?. No not really. The last we saw was toe rear view of a cat swaying from side to side with a tail flapping in annoyance.

And that was the week-end shopping trip. What did we buy? Have a look, although not all is on the photo. I had the two pots of herbs in another bag.


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