Tuesday, 7 August 2012

And the Photography Course continues

photocourse - movement 005
And the course continues, but only one more week (this week) and it is finished for those like me that have no aspirations to become a profi photographer. I have more or less now discovered most of the bells and whistles on my camera. The photo above was one of those experiments in depth of focus. The apple is sharper than the background, or is supposed to be. With a bridge camera you cannot achieve such a good effect.

This week we had to do a photo with movement. Of course, I could have stood on the roadside taking photos of cars passing by, but in Switzerland you could end up with a fine or such if a policeman sees you. I decided to choose Mr. Swiss as my movement model as he often goes down to our hobby room to practice on his practice drum set. We have to take the photos with us tomorrow for examination of the course guru, but here is one of them. Not perfect, but all done manually and not with the automatic thing. We are not allowed to use that in the course.

photocourse - movement 043
We also played around a bit with macro last week, although it seems bridge cameras do not actually do macros, they just do close ups. Whatever, I found a new gadget on the camera and noticed I can get much clearer photos. I just have to get the light right, but I tried it out today, so here is the first Spring flower in my garden. We have been having quite mild weather lately.

The First Spring flower
We have been having unusual weather for this time of the year in Switzerland. Whilst the States were sinking in snow, we were enjoy early spring temperatures. All this photography has to do with setting the focus, the aperture and all sorts of photo things. There is something on the screen of my camera beginning with an F, e.g. F2.8. Now I know what to do with it, but asking what F means, I got no answer and it does not mean focus. So now when I take a photo I have to check the ISO, the whiteness of the photo (don't know the english word for that), the size of the photo or course, the focus thingy, the brightness, and all sorts of other stuff. it is still more like trying is better than studying.

So roll on the sunny days of Summer when I can try all my new knowledge out.

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