Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Blog a Day No. 23 - Creative Riters Challenge #88 - Just in a day's work

Creative writers challenge #88

She was standing, waiting, took a quick check on her skirt. It was sitting straight, the perfect skirt to the perfect high heeled shoes. The ship had arrived at the harbour and it was time to board. She was looking forward to an hour with Captain Jake Campbell. He was one of the interesting customers. Walking across to the ship, she ignored the two drunks. That line of things was gone; her status had risen since Joe Lucarelli was her boss. Now she was in the high class category, the days of a quick number around the corner were in the past. She had been going places and had now arrived.

She mounted the steps to the ship’s deck and was met by a seaman who looked like he had not seen clean water and soap for a week and he smelt like it. 

“I have come to see Captain Campbell” she said.

“No problem, Marie, the captain is waiting for you in his cabin” was the reply “just follow me”.

Marie followed, her high heels tapping their way along the wooden planks. A door opened and there he stood, Jake Campbell, one of Marie’s favourite customers. She only saw him when he arrived in port, but that made the job all the more enjoyable as far as she was concerned. No connections, no "when can we meet again", just an episode.

“Come in Marie, I have been waiting for you. Joe you can leave us now and go on land.”

“Thanks captain” and Joe disappeared in a flash. Marie knew where he was going. After a month at sea it was obvious. “Another customer for the girls” she thought.

“Hi Marie, how’s things. Looking as fresh and inviting as ever.”

“I’m fine Jake. How was the trip. Got a few souvenirs for me?”

“You can be sure Marie, but I think first to business. Let’s get the financial part settled as well as the souvenirs and then we can spend a quiet hour together.”

The financial details were settled. “Make yourself comfortable on the bunk Marie, I have been waiting a long time for you.”

Marie knew what was expected and slipped out of her shoes, stockings and skirt.

“You can keep the rest on Marie, that’s my part of the job.”

She did as Jake wanted. Jake was one of her favourite customers. It was not just sex with him, but he was a good man, clean and came to the point. It was more like a business proposition and being on ship so long, he could not wait. 

Afterwards they lay side by side on the sheets, smoking a cigarette and generally relaxing. Marie enjoyed this part of the deal with him. No stress, it was done and over and now she could take it easy.

“I should go Jake, have to go into town and deal with a few things. What about you?”

“Yea, I have to get some financial details settled after being away so long and get to the bank. You got the car here, can you take another passenger?

“No problem, Jake” and they left the ship together, Marie leading the way to her car.

“Is it far? I am carrying quite a lot of money and don’t want to lose it on the way.”

“No problem Jake, just around the corner where those two drunken seamen are still lolling around.”

Jake was feeling a bit uneasy. The streets in this part of the harbour were empty and it was getting darker. Suddenly one of the drunken seamen lunged into Jake, but he did not seem as drunk any more. Jake felt a sharp pain in his chest where the bullet hit his heart and he was laying on the ground, sent to the end station in his life. There was no sound, a silencer on a gun worked wonders. 

The now sober seaman called to his friend.

“Keep your eyes open for any witnesses Jim, go and stand on that street corner, the boss wants this job done quiet.”

“Ok Marie, where’s he got the money?” 

“Try the inside pocket of the jacket Fred.”

And Fred drew a few thousand in bills out of the pocket and gave them to Marie. Suddenly a large black limousine with black tinted windows turned the corner and pulled up next to them with the screeching of brakes. The door opened and Marie jumped in. Despite the high heels she was quick and knew how to do the job properly.

“Hi Marie, everything under control?”

“Yea, no problem Joe. I have the coke in my handbag” showing joe about five parcels of transparent plastic containing a white powder. Here’s the money I paid him. I think we could call this job a successful one.”

“Marie, you are really a gold Marie. Captain Campbell brings us the drugs from Hong Kong, we pay him, we kill him and get it all. Looks like there will be an extra bonus for you today “

“Just part of the job” thought Marie. She was happy, Joe Lucarelli was the best thing that ever happened to her.

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