Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Heavy snowfall in garden 17.02.2009

I am not a great lover of snow, I dislike it. The roads are dangerous, I hate driving in it and avoiding going out when I can. Although I am still a working woman, I will be retired at the end of next week, and decided to use up some extra overtime to stay at home today and probably tomorrow as well.

The snow arrived some time in the middle of the night and now at the beginning of the afternoon it is still snowing. We have news reports of cars being stuck in the snow in our region and accidents. Although we have to do some shopping this afternoon we have decided our car will remain nice and warm and comfortable in the garage and we will take the local train. Our cats made an attempt to go out in the garden but were quickly back again. Snow does not appeal to them.

Tomorrow it will be better, less snow, but temperatures below freezing. Another day at home as far as I am concerned. I do not really want to risk skidding around on the roads on the ice. How I wish that Spring would arrive. So that was the Swiss weather report for today. It can only get better.

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