Tuesday, 17 February 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words #7 - Creative Challenge: Love on a Parking Lot

She was peeping round the corner
hit me like a bolt from the sky
The majestic shining of her armour
My feelings climbed so high
She was red and so refined
I could only stop and stare
My love for her was blind
Her shape so curvey and fare
So day for day we watched each other
For many hours she was left
And so was I in a parking lot
Until the day of the theft
I saw the crook approach my beauty
and climbed inside her body
He pulled her wires and twisted them
Oh how so very shoddy
What can I do, my dials were turning
I made a beginning to warn
My breaks were fixed, the wheel was locked
It was then that I turned on the horn
Then people came running from near and far
They saw the crook doing his best
The noise I made was enough for all
My beauty he should not molest
When all was finished, the crook was caught
He was arrested on the spot
How happy I was, I felt so content
on my tiny parking lot
She was a beauty, a princess of the cars
in the evening we left with a blink
She looked at me, I am just a mini
But she gave me a wonderful wink
I could not wait until the next day
I was parked again as ever
And so was she behind her gate
her motor said I was clever
We cars are man made, it is a fact
Are not made of flesh and bone
We may not show our feelings much
but our motor is not of stone

Pictures to Words #7 - Creative Writing: Love on a Parking Lot

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