Tuesday, 10 February 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words #6

pp 7

The old house was empty, its soul was now gone
The curtains are torn, were of finest chiffon
Once filled with laughter from children long ago
now just sounds of bees coming from a near bye meadow
Seasons had come and had passed in a flight
doors hanging on hinges, no longer fit tight
The spiders moved in, they just felt at home
Their webs spun securely, they needed no comb
A mouse scuttled over the floor on its way
to a hidden quiet place with a nest made of hay
Where a family once was with their ancestors and kin
was now an empty shell, no-one dwelt within
Perhaps ghosts from the past moved in silence through the air
Thinking of days when they lived here, before they were rare
Then one day came some children, inquisitive to know
if they could play in the house, and some stones they did throw
The old house cried out in a silent weak way
A glass pane was broken, for the children it was play
But the house was injured, it suffered a while
the pain was soon forgotten, and the ghosts they did smile
They could see at the window the blue sky through a hole
Perhaps the house was just sleeping and still had a soul

Pictures to Words #6

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