Saturday, 24 January 2009

MULTIPLY Writing Prompt #: Guided Imagery: Once they were Gods

Just relax, close your eyes and let yourself drift. Drifting on light grey clouds far away, passing over luscious green forests, over icy needle peaks of mountains letting the cool wind fan your fur. You are nearly there, the origins of your folk. Below there is a carpet of yellow sand, above a sun so bright and shining that you have never seen. You long for a cooling shelter and find it beneath the billows of sand covering the land. A small entrance brings you to protection from the sun’s rays and you are not alone. You enter a large chamber, corn as far as the eye can see. There are many more of your tribe all welcoming you, their yellow eyes cast in your direction. Humans are on their knees, praising your presence and worshipping your appearance. There is food in abundance for you and your tribe and the humans welcome your appetite. The corn was in danger from being devoured by a creature smaller and more insignificant that yourself, but a creature that forms the main part of your diet. Thanks to you and your kin you have rescued the owners of the corn from famine. You see statues of your kind in all corners painted in gold. You are a god in this country. You now feel proud of your species and you are safe from any foreign influence. Your qualities are recognised by this human folk in this country. You must now drift again into the realms of sleep, we depart on another journey, away from this land of plenty to a place bordered on all sides by a sea.

You must not fear what now happens, it is part of your fate. Your colour is your downfall, black like the doors of hell and so are the thoughts of the humans. You are no longer worshipped by the righteous and the good, but by the devil and his work. You are a victim of superstition. You find yourself curled up in a corner of a hovel, being fed by an old human woman. She loves you for what you are, she is innocent and you keep her home free from vermin but fear comes. You are trapped in a cage, cannot escape, you smell the heat of the fires and hear the screams of old females. You feel yourself sail through the air, being thrown by a human hand and landing midst in the fires of hell. You burn with your old lady. You hear the crowds of humans calling justice and they are now feeling secure knowing that you and your owner have got their just deserts. You are no longer worshipped as a god, but as a curse on mankind.

But fear not, you are now travelling again, this time you see no land in sight, just the soothing waves of the sea, rocking you back and forth on the ocean. Again your appetite is the reason for your existence. You fear the water but know that the humans around you will protect you. You are kept below, surrounded by wooden walls and a salty smell in the air, but there is an abundance of human food around you. Where there is human food, there is also your food and you are happy knowing that you will not hunger for the small insignificant creatures are again in abundance, there squeaks filling the air.. There are other members of your race, you feel secure. You fight your way to becoming the alpha creature of all above the others. You hear unfamiliar sounds coming from the humans; each speaking with a different tongue, but the colleagues of your race understand only one tongue; food in abundance and a warm place to sleep. The rocking motion of the vessel carrying you slows and it comes to a stop. The human food is removed and a new smell arrives, but you have no fear. Your food is ever present and for this reason you are kept on this vessel.

You now let yourself be carried by the grey clouds and find yourself again being treated as a favourite, not quite a god, but something special. Your hunting days are over, the humans are trained to meet your needs. You lay in a warm comfortable place. There is water and food in abundance and you are content and happy. Your race has come a long way, through many trials and persecutions, but you have survived. You have been worshipped as gods, as devils but you have always lived at the side of the humans, sometimes treasured and sometimes despised, but you have won. Your destiny is to remain near the human race. They sometimes feed you and you sometimes protect them.

And Nera the cat woke up after such a pleasant dream, licked her paws, had a wash and curled up once again, falling asleep hoping to have sweet dreams.


Writing Prompt #3: Guided Imagery: Once they were Gods

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