Monday, 19 January 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse - Week 15: A Puzzle


The pieces just do not fit any more
It’s a question of survival
Our oceans are tumbling over the shore
We need a great revival
The ozone layer is showing holes
Vegetation is suffering a lot
Our aims are not achieving their goals
What is this mysterious plot
Mankind is acting without considerations
Our aims no longer planned
The answers lay in our great nations
Things are getting out of hand
Our nature is complaining loud
There are storms and floods enough
The humans can no longer be proud
Our world is getting rough
We must learn to speak together
And plan with ideas unfurled
Our environment has much bad weather
We act like we have a second world
The puzzle pieces no longer fit
It is time to talk things over
Come countries please do commit
To put things back in the clover
What do we leave our children behind
A mess, a threat to all
We must encourage nature to rewind
Before we come to a fall

Poetry Posse - Week 15: A Puzzle

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