Tuesday, 20 January 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words - Poetry/Prose: The Dog

Hello Mr. human, If you want, you can pat me on my head
I am not exactly pedigree, more a sort of half bred
My human likes me very much he takes me out for walks
He thinks I understand him, that is why he gives me talks
Of course the basic command to comprehend is the one that just says sit
And every dog knows that is the one to which I will submit
Today we had some special fun, it really was a pleasure
We took a walk out in the snow and that was our good leisure
I met a friend and we romped around the enjoyment was really great,
I now feel fresh and wide awake, being a dog is just my fate
That is why I look a bit dishevelled, but I do not really mind
It is just the part of my goal in life, my nose is wet you will find
So stroke me and pet me and make me feel good, don’t worry about the snow
My human says we are going home and in the car I must go
You probably think it’s a dog’s life, and perhaps you might be right
I am always well behaved, and with you I will not fight
Now if you had a stupid cat, that might make me mad
But usually they run away and that could make me bad
And now for home, a nice warm blanket, a plate of food and sleep
A dog’s life can be really good, so please you don’t have to weep
My human loves me and I love him, I really cannot deny
He knows I obey and follow his commands, on me he can rely

Pictures to Words - Poetry/Prose: The Dog

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