Friday, 30 January 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #38: Delicious

Eating Lamb and Couscous in a Bedouin tent

In England we know fish and chips is the best
It would win the first place in any contest
But go to France and they might eat eggs
but their favourite dish is some nice frog legs
In Germany they know what food is about
And enjoy a dish of fresh sauerkraut
Go to Italy way down in the south
pizza and spaghetti just melt in the mouth
A trip to Russia might be good for the thirst
A bottle of vodka might not be the worst
So let’s go to America and have some Cajun
With this dish in Louisiana they really have fun
And all over the States from East to West
All Americans find that a hamburger is best
Let’s go down to Australia what’s on the menu
They eat lots of meat straight from the b-b-q
I live in Switzerland and there you can freeze
But there is nothing more tasty than some genuine Swiss cheese
So what does this mean, I do not want to be vicious
But each country and race have their own things delicious
What the Chinese enjoy is something most rare
And what the others eat they just do not care
So let us try everything, and let us be kind
Try all food and eat it, it broadens the mind

Frying Onions with Calf Sausages

Creative Challenge #38: Delicious

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