Friday, 9 January 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #35: Colourful

Rainbow over Feldbrunnen

What is more colourful than a rainbow. We were taught in the school that the sentence "Richard of York gained battles in vain" was the clue to the colours. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo violet when you taking the first letters of the words in the sentence. So here is a little story which is unfortunately true. I cannot resist a rainbow when I see one and I just have to take a photo.

One evening in Spring I was driving home from work after a shower of rain and saw the rainbow in the photo. I always have my camera with me and just could not resist taking a photo. I was driving on the private road surrounding our castle. I have permission to use the road as I live in the village. Here is the castle.

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

You can see a road leading towards the right. I had to drive up that part to park my car. As it is a dead end I had to drive backwards to park. You see the piece of stone at the bottom on the right hand side of the stairs. Well, I didn't. Two women were frantically waving their hands and I wondered why until I felt a bump in the car. Then I knew why. This was the result.

car accident

The stone had cut into the bumper of my car. I thanked the women for warning me, although I could not hear them calling as my radio was running. There was not very much I could do, so I decided I could at least take a photo of a rainbow and the result is above. We never did bother to get the car repaired and since we have traded the car in for another. Colourful is nice to see but it also has its disadvantages.

Creative Challenge #35: Colourful

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