Wednesday, 10 December 2008

MULTIPLY Writer's Forum Find your Muse #12: Leaving on a Jet Plane

In the air - View over the Thames

At last Jack was seated comfortably on the plane and could relax. It was always the same routine when he had to go abroad on business. All the family had to accompany him to the airport. His wife, Mable, the five year old twins Jeremy and Jonas and his ten year old daughter Alice who was now growing up and one day would probably be breaking the hearts of a few boyfriends. Everything was a last minute thing. The twins had an argument about who sat next to the window in the car and Alice wanted to sit at the front. Eventually they were all sorted and Mable got into the driver’s seat with Jack at her side.
“You know Mable” Jack said “you really don’t have to drive me to the airport with the whole family each time I go away. I can take a taxi.”
“No Jack, you will be on your own for the next couple of weeks and it is the least I can do to accompany you.”
Jack could not help thinking to himself “if only you knew how my loneliness looks”, but soon put himself into another thought process. He was travelling again to Hannover on business. Jack’s mother was actually German so he grew up speaking English and German with no problem and felt quite at home in Germany.

The arrival at the airport was on time and Jack entered the aircraft. There was a sign saying “tighten your seat belts” so he knew they would soon be departing. Suddenly a flurry of energy approached.
“This is my seat number” said a young lady “would you please excuse me” and she pushed past Jack and seated herself at the window. Jack preferred the seat at the end as he had more room for his long legs. He eyed his new seat neighbour and found she was actually attractive when you ignored the red patches on her face probably caused from the rush to catch the plane at the last minute.
“Are you also visiting the trade fair” she asked Jack “the plane seems to be packed with business men with the same target.”
“Yes I am, although the company I work for has a branch in Hannover so I will be staying for some time” he answered “and you?”.
“I am working for my company on our stand at the fair as hostess. I am a quite excited as it is the first time I have been chosen for the job” was the answer.
“Do you often travel to Hannover” she asked.
“At least once a month.”
“Then you must know the town very well. I am staying at the Hotel Zentral, do you know if it is a good hotel to stay.”
Jack decided the time would fly on this journey with such a talkative seat neighbour.
“I don’t know many hotels in Hannover as our company had their own guest house.”
“Oh, I see, then you must feel quite at home in Hannover always being able to stay at the same place each time you visit.”
“I like the town very much and I do feel comfortable there” he replied thinking again “if only people knew”.

The conversation seemed to end so Jack decided to close his eyes and catch up on some sleep. When he arrived in Hannover he would probably be too busy to relax. The young lady had taken a book out of her bag and was reading. Jack awoke to the sound of a trolley being wheeled along the corridor in between the seats and saw that food and drink was being brought to the passengers.
“At last” said the young lady “I am starving”.
“Me too” answered Jack and pulled himself up in his seat to get ready for the food. At the same time he threw a quick glance at his flight neighbour and found, yes, she was really attractive.
“I wonder” he thought “if she might be interested in seeing the sights of Hannover “Shall I ask her or – no such thoughts aside I am a married man with children, but on the other hand……”
“I was wondering” she said “you must know Hannover quite well, perhaps you could give me some tips where I could go for a good meal in the evening.”
“If you like I could show you a few places where you could eat well, I could meet you in the reception of your hotel this evening and we could go out for a meal.”
She gave Jack a wonderful smile and told him to meet her at eight in the evening.

Their conversation continued and time passed quickly and the plane went into its landing routine.
“I am sorry I cannot accompany you to your hotel” Jack said “but I am being met at the airport by a chauffeur who will be taking me to the guest house, but we will see each other this evening.”
“That is no problem” the young lady answered “I will get myself a taxi.”

They disembarked from the aircraft and picked up their luggage. Jack looked around when he left the passport control to see that no-one was following him and when he entered the airport lounge his chauffeur was waiting. Actually it was a chauffeuse accompanied by three children.
“Hello Hans, glad your business trip to London is over” said the “chauffeuse”. The children have been missing you.”
Jack-Hans gave the lady a kiss and put his arms around the children. “Papa” they said we are glad to have you back at home again.”
“Yes Hans, you wife has been missing you as well.” said his German wife, Heidi. I hope life wasn’t too boring in London for you. It must be dreadful living out of your suitcase in those hotels and eating food in hotels and restaurants. Now you are back home with your family and can have some good home cooking again.”
“Sorry to disappoint you Heidi but this evening I have to attend a dinner with some business friends.” After all he had an appointment at the Hotel Central, but Heidi would believe what he told her.

In the meanwhile Jack or Hans was quite happy having his two families. He never could decide whether he preferred life in England or Germany.

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