Monday, 10 November 2008

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse: Week 7: Memories revisited

Me at Nutfield

Look at that baby Isn’t she sweet
big blue eyes, Oh, so neat
Sucking her thumb and looking around
She is so small and still homebound

Me about 8 years old

Look at the little girl going to school
Head up high and grown so tall
Reading and writing comes with age
The classroom is ready the world is her stage

Me teenager

Now see the teenager ready to go
to the dancehall with the boyfriend her face all aglow
The first high heels on the shoes she wears
Her parents full of worries and saying their prayers

Ollie, Patrick and me

There goes a woman who has now become a wife
Her man stands beside her a partner for life
Look at the babies they are so fine
She says blue and brown eyes they are both mine


Now she is older but life wasn’t a bowl of cherries
Time has gone past and now she has the memories
She sees it all fly by and revisted them all
And now she has to go, the grandchildren call.

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