Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A Misty Morning

Bellach, morning and midday

When I drove off this morning to work I thought I was back in London in the 50's when we had our smog. The mist was so thick that visibility was really bad. Half of my journey is on roads where only 30 kilometers per hour is allowed, through the villages but I do not think I would have risked driving faster this morning. I passed a bloke who was taking his dog for an early morning walk up the castle road and was glad he was wearing one of those jackets with the reflectors on it. When I arrived at work I took the photo on the left. You could just about see our illuminated sign through the mist. On the right I took the photo at lunch time. The mist had gone and was replaced by a nice warm sunny Autumn day.

After cooking lunch and taking my midday sleep I decided to take a walk into town as I had something I wanted to get. I thought walking would do me good, and since the train fare has gone up and I don't have a permit for half price, I decided to do something for my financial situation as well. I have two roads to town. One is a path along the river and the other the main road. I decided to take the river path, so armed with my camera I started on my way. Suddenly I was confronted by two swans near the river bank. I think I must have taken about six photos of them, but it was a perfect day for shooting, no wind and very clear.

Swans on the River Aare

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Something funny happened while I was taking the photos, three dogs arrived on the scene. They were not on the line and were running around and got a bit too near to the swans. I did not know that swans can make so much noise. It sounded like our cats when something annoys them. Anyhow the dogs got a bit nervous and left the swans on their own.

I eventually arrived in town and made the usual photos of the river. This time I achieved something I wanted for a long time. On certain days according to how clear the air is, you can take a photo along the river bank and get the reflections of the buildings in the river. Today was the day.

River Aare, Solothurn

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I then walked through the town, taking a photo of one of the streets running parallel to the river known as the Landhausquai. The Landhaus is the big white building in the photo and the street runs behind it.

Lanhausquai, Solothurn

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Eventually I was on the home stretch on the main road to our village. By the time I arrived home I was feeling a bit tired, but happy. Since being at home half day I have found I walk much better, so I supposed there must be some benefit in taking walks now and again.

As I was loading the photos onto the computer I found there was one of my big black fat cat Nera in the camera, so here she is.


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