Thursday, 4 September 2008

My Sleeping Places by Fluffy the Cat

Mrs. Human said as it is my birthday tomorrow I can do a blog all on my own, so I thought I would tell you about life at home.

Fluffy in the drums

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“At last a nice comfortable warm place for a sleep. Since Mr. Human has got himself an electronic drum set for practicing life is much more comfortable. I like sleeping in places that are a little bit off limits. I used to make myself comfortable on the armchair in the living room, but that got a bit noisy with time and Mr. and Mrs. Human were always walking past and disturbing my dreams. Then I found sleeping behind the books in the bookshelf was quite handy. Mr. and Mrs. Human even had to look for me as I was so nicely hidden. Even the other two cats, Tabby and Nera, didn’t know I was there, although Nera said if she bothered to have a sniff around she would have found me, but she spends most of the time outside since the summer days arrived.

Fluffy peeping from behind the books

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Tabby leaves me in peace. She is more at home in Mrs. Human’s office on her chair, although Mrs. Human doesn’t like that very much because she then has to sit on an uncomfortable stool. Tabby told me she really only sleeps there to show who has the claws on in the house. Her favourite place for sleeping is on top of the wardrobe where she can observe everything that happens in our home. That can sometimes be a problem as Nera also likes to sleep up there and that is often the cause of a slight misunderstanding. There is usually a hiss and a paw fight but my two cat colleagues usually find a solution.

Nera behind the TV

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Either Nera comes down from the cupboard and cools down behind the television or Tabby just closes her eyes and sleeps and pretends that Nera is not there. Then usually both cats sleep on the wardrobe. I am not allowed to climb up there. I could if I wanted too, but Mrs. Human gets worried as I don’t see anything and she thinks I might fall down from the wardrobe instead of jumping down. I think she has a point there, so I just don’t bother.


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So now that Mr. Human is practicing drums and has his electronic drum set in the living room it is idea. It seems that you have to put it on something stable and he found a nice little carpet which he finds ideal. I find it the best solution as it makes a wonderful comfortable sleeping place. When he is practicing I usually make myself comfortable in the corner. It can sometimes get noisy, but it is always noisy at the human’s home. If it is not the dust eating monster they use, it is their radio or television, so what difference does it make that we now have a set of practice drums. During the night when the humans sleep I can curl up on the carpet and sleep the hours away. Strange animals humans, they walk on two legs, they don’t purr or meow and always sleep at night. Any self-respecting cat is then on its way enjoying outdoor life.

Fluffy sleeping amongst the electric drums

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Me, being blind, they don’t let me out any more at night. I did escape once and quite enjoyed it, but I realized that I did not know where I was. I suddenly heard the voice of Mr. Human calling me and then he found me. He picked me up and carried me home and I was glad, although I naturally fought a bit in his arms. After all we cats don’t have to tell the humans what our real feelings are. We have to make sure that we have success with our training programme.

So that is enough for today. I can see Mrs. Human on her way to the computer and I will disappear to my favourite sleeping place. Will be back tomorrow with another exciting story about my life with the humans.


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