Friday, 12 September 2008

MULTIPLY I dare you: The highest tower in Solothurn

The only towers where I live are in the near bye town of Solothurn and belong to the old historic buildings. The highest tower I know of in Solothurn is that in our St. Urs cathederal. It is usually open during the day and I once made the effort to climb to the top. If you look at the photo you can see people standing on the iron balcony high up on the tower.


Original Size

The way to the top is not exactly comfortable. First of all there is a spiral stone stair case.

Steps to Tower, St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

After a while the stone changes to wood and the staircase goes through part of the belfry. If you happen to be unlucky the bells will start ringing as you walk past which can be slightly deafening.

Belfry, St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

The final steps are also wooden and very narrow. I was wearing high heeled shoes with a rather long point at the front, not the ideal shoes for climbing this tower.

Steps to Tower, St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

Eventually I arrived at the top to be rewarded with a view over a town and its river, the Aare

Röti Bridge and South Solothurn

as well as the old arsenal which is now used as a museum for armory

Solothurn, Zeughaus

and looking towards North we have the first chain of the seven chains of the Jura Mountains

Solothurn, Jura Mountains, North

That is our highest tower in town. Some of the larger towns in Switzerland do have higher towers, such as Zürich or Bern, but Solothurn is a small market town, one of the oldest towns in Switzerland.

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