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MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #19: Beyond the Horizon

Nera and Tabby

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"Just to introduce myself, I am the beautiful black long furred cat on the left known as Nera"
"and I am the short haired cat on the right, Nera's litter sister, known as Tabby."
"I will begin, Tabby, being the most beautiful and most intelligent from us both. Mrs. Human asked us to say a few words on the subject of Horizons so here we are. As you can see from the photo we are in one of our favourite sleeping places, high up on a cupboard. From this angle we have a perfect view over everything in our home. It is one of our favourite sleeping places as we have everything under control and although the horizon stops at the window in the living room, this is enough. We do not need to see beyond this point. We have everything under control. On the other hand when we are outside our horizon stops at the place where we are now sleeping.

Nera looking through the window

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"Is that all you have to say Nera?" asksTabby.
"Of course, I find these words of wisdom are enough" answers Nera with a yellow tinged glare in her eyes.
"Then I will continue and fill in some of the spicy details you have left out. Unfortunately my litter sister Nera has a somewhat narrow horizon from time to time. She is just content to look in the widow or look out the window. I, on the other hand, like to watch the horizons from another point of view: the great outdoors. Admittedly I spend quite a time taking it easy but that is a trick. I am not really absent, or sleeping, as Mrs. Human thinks, but am wide awake all the time not missing anything.


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Do not let this picture deceive you. It may seem that I am sleeping in cat nirvana. However, a split second later here I am again


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wide awake and ready to go. My horizon is now a lot further than the four walls of our home. I am outside and see things moving almost to infinity: at least as far as a cat's infinity reaches, which is about here.


This may seem a restricted horizon, but here life begins in the great outdoors. Between these grass blades and stones there is life, things are creeping, breathing, digging and even preparing for a fight. This continues further than the cat eye can see. As soon as I see a juicy fly, or if I am lucky, the movement of a mouse, I creep carefully and quietly and pounce, devouring my victim and it stands no chance. I can venture into the grass, my horizon growing at every step I take, it is an endless horizon that I experience. OK, Mrs. Human - how was that?"

"Well it wasn't bad Tabby, but shall we let your little feline colleague, Fluffy, have a few words?."
"We don't mind" say Nera and Tabby together, "but him being blind, he probably does not have a lot to say about horizons."

"Of course I have something to say" answers Fluffy and he began.
"Due to an unfortunate accident when I was two years old I lost my eyesight, but nevertheless, life carries on and I do not miss very much.


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Although I don't see anything, I hear and smell and I am convinced that my horizons go much further than those of my two colleagues. I can smell a mouse two fields away, if a strange cat enters my revere I notice it at once and am ready with claws to protect my rights. I have sent a few cats on their way noticing their approach before Nera and Tabby even saw that they were there. The air is full of scents and my nose detects all. Even when Mrs. Human gets the tuna fish ready, I am one of the first to notice.

Tuna fish time

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So you see, basically there is no real such thing as a horizon. It just goes on forever. Unfortunately, being blind, my distance is somewhat restricted. I can only walk as far as my lead will allow, which is to the boundaries of our garden, but if I would be free then although I see no horizon I could just go on and on. I proved this to Mr. and Mrs. Human a couple of weeks ago when they did not notice that I went for a walk on my own. There were no boundaries, no horizon, I just walked where my nose and ears lead me. Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. Human were not happy as it was in the middle of the night and they had to look for me. Indeed I lost my way being distracted by the noises and scents of the night air. I then found out that there is no such thing as "beyond the horizon". Just keep walking, you will find no horizon just a Mrs. and Mrs. Human that bring you back home.

Is that ok Mrs. Human?"
"Yes Fluffy, I think you managed that quite well and left all questions answered. Ok cats as a reward for your help there is a tuna fish supper ready for you all."
"Now that is the best horizon we know" answered all three together.

View of the Bernese Alps from Feldbrunnen

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