Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jazz Concert

Jazz Now Quintett, Solothurn Jazz Club

Friday evening my other half and I went to a Jazz concert. It was held at our local Jazz Club. The club is now approaching their thirtieth year and my husband was a member from the beginning. It was not the first jazz club our town of Solothurn has. The first must have been established about 1957 and my husband was always involved one way or another. It has been in many places, but has now found its home in a cellar belonging to a local restaurant.

I used to go more often but my husband and I lost touch a bit over the years with the concerts. Now he has started playing again in various jazz formations, the contact has returned and so we went to see the group "Jazz now". The pianist is a colleague of my husband and he plays with him as well as the saxophonist in another group. As the cellar is within walking distance we decided to leave the car at home. The music was mainstream which we both like. We are not such traditional jazz fans so much. It was a good concert. One thing I noticed was that the audience were all in our sort of age group, from 40-50 upwards. Not that youngsters would not be welcome, but it is probably not their sort of thing.

We had an enjoyable evening and it made a pleasant change. Mr. Swiss started playing drums when he was a teenager which was many moons ago. So here he is at the age of almost 20 in one of the first jazz clubs in the area in 1959 (photo reproduced with permission of Mr. Swiss).

Vieux Colombier 59-2

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