Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's Autumn

So what did we do today? It started with a morning's work in the office. I am still on half days according to the doctor and probably will be for some time. I start work at around 07.15 in the morning until 11.30. Then it's shopping and I cook lunch. After a little midday sleep (it is terrible as you get older, just can't keep awake after lunch) the afternoon is mine.

Mr. Swiss, my other half or whatever had to go into town this afternoon. He has a bit of a problem with his neck and is at the moment visiting a lady therapist. I told him he could drop me off on the way at the local Autumn Fair. It takes place once a year in Solothurn and all the local shops and companies can exhibit their goods. I am not so keen on large collections of people, but decided Thursday afternoon is fairly quiet. I took a walk around the exhibition and met a few people I knew and then went to the grounds outside, which is the real reason why I was there.

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn

Arn't they beautiful. If you don't know what they are then I can tell you they are Alpacas, a sort of South American mini-lama. I only know that their fur is very expensive, but I had never seen one before. The lady who brought them to the exhibition made quite an impression in Solothurn as she walked with them through the town to the exhibition place just outside.

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn

Original size

I found them to be so sweet and wonderful I took quite a few photos of them. I had never seen them before in "real life". I think I would have liked to take one home with me. They were all wearing a muzzle and I think like most llama similar animals they like to spit quite a bit.

Ducks, HESO, Solothurn

There were also some ducks there

Pigs, HESO, Solothurn

The pigs seemed to be a bit sleepy and spent most of the time relaxing. The animals are actually there for the children, but today there were not many children there as it was a normal school afternoon.

Calf, HESO, Solothurn

Of course being in Switzerland the cows had to make their appearance, but there were only calves there.

Goats, HESO, Solothurn

And here a couple of goats for good measure.

I eventually decided it was time to go home. As it was only just down the road I decided to walk the fifteen minutes as my local train had already gone. If anyone would like to see all the photos I took you can find them either in




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