Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Another Day in Switzerland


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I just had to share this one. I arrived at work as usual this morning around 07.10 a.m. and this lorry was parked outside our stock room. It was picking up some publicity material we had ready to be dispatched in the world. This lorry was a cheerful picture so early. What could be more Swiss than a giant-sized advertisement for Toblerone, one of our internationally known Swiss chocolates. I suppose the lorries travel all over Europe and a bit of advertising is always worth while. When the chauffeur saw that I was taking photos he said that would cost, but it was just a joke. He didn't really look like a Brad Pitt lookalike, but he seemed to have his lorry under control.

I don't really eat that much chocolate and when I do it is usually very dark as that has least carbohydrate which I should avoid because of diabetes. I must also confess, that although I have been living in Switzerland for more than forty years, I still actually prefer English chocolate to the Swiss. You cannot beat a bar of Cadbury's fruit and nut and Cadbury's milk flakes. I even liked Aero, the one with the chocolate bubbles in it. We have something similar in Switzerland known as Rayon, but it is not the same. The bubbles are smaller and they are sort of caramelised. Toblerone is ok, it always reminds me of flying to England as all you get these days for a meal in the plane is a mini toblerone. For my taste the Swiss chocolate just has too much cream and sugar. Mr. Swiss always complains because I keep the chocolate in the refrigerator. As a Swiss he says it doesn't develop the flavour properly. These Swiss seem to think they invented chocolate.

It was a quiet morning at work. At the moment we have business visitors from the English speaking countries. My Russian was also there - he speaks better english than I do Russian. It seems his technician was not allowed to leave the country with him as he used to work for the aerospace industry in Russia and he knows to much to let him out. I suppose other countries other customs.

I had my usual after lunch nap today, but unfortunately it became more than a nap and I slept from 01.30 p.m. until 04.30 p.m. which I was not so happy about. I am spending the evening on my Todd (cockney= Todd Jones = alone) as my other half has a rehearsal with his jazz group. The cats have had their tuna fish evening as usual on Wednesday and are now laying around somewhere digesting it. Temperatures have dropped here in Switzerland and this morning when I went to work it was only 3°C. During the day it warmed up a bit to 13°C, but slowly Winter is arriving. Even the cats stay indoors more now during the night and they have a fur coat.

This evening they all seemed to be waiting for something

Three cats

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