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MULTIPLY Writers Block - #44 - Route 66 Part 2

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“Well this place looks ok for spending the night”
Carol and Julie were still on their trip on Route 66 and evening was drawing in. Carol was driving.
“Do you think so?” asked Julie “after all it’s a Motel”
“Well of course it’s a Motel. They are the places you sleep when on your way on Route 66. You don’t find bed and breakfast like you do in the good old English seaside places.”
“Yes I know” answered Carol “but you remember that bloke called Norman Bates in that Hitchcock film. Now anything could happen. We might be killed and our car sunk in that lake we saw on the way here.”
“Carol do you want to spend another night in this car somewhere on a back road listening to the crickets chirping. I do not, I would like to spend a night, just for once, in a real bed with a pillow to rest my head on. Making room in this mixture of hamburger boxes and empty Cola bottles in the car is getting a bit on my nerves. It might be cheap, but it is not funny to listen to your snoring all the time.”
“I don’t snore Julie and if I do it is only when I sleep on my back.”
“Carol in this car it is not possible to sleep otherwise. So pull in at the driveway here and let’s go and register at the reception”.

Carol pulled up at the entrance which looked nicely cared for. There was a well kept flower bed just in front of the entrance of the two storey building and the windows looked nice and neat, each one with a venetian blind. They both got out of the car and stretched before walking any further. Their legs were feeling cramped from the day on the road and they entered the reception together.

“I knew it” whispered Carol to Julie “that man at the reception is a real Norman Bates look alike.”
“Carol just calm down. Norman Bates did not have a blond crew cut and blue eyes like that man at the reception. It was a film, remember, and the role was played by Anthony Perkins. That one looks more like a blonde version of Brad Pitt.”
“Well, he played the part of Mr. Black in the film picking up the candidates for their departure from this world.”

“Good morning ma’am” said a friendly deep voice to the two girls at the reception. “Can I help you at all.”
He was looking direct at Julie who was still imagining Norman Bates with blond hair. She opened her mouth and brought a few words out with difficulty.
“We are looking for a room for the night, but if you don’t have any free then we can move on.”
“What are you talking about” whispered Carol to Julie and so she spoke up.

“Do you have anything free for the night.”
“We sure do ma’am just enter your names in our book and give me your car keys and I will show you the way.”
“You want our car keys?” said Julie in a shocked voice.
“It’s to park your car ma’am, just part of the room service. Our parking lot is just round the corner. Your car won’t be alone, the motel is almost full. If you need the car just let me know and I will fetch it for you or our bell boy.”
“Hey Julie this reminds me of 77 Sunset Strip with Cookie, remember.”
“Did you say something ma’am”
Julie spoke up “No nothing, just my friend having a few private words with me” and with that remark she glared at Carol and prodded her in the ribs with her elbow.
“Just take a place on those chairs over there and I will be right back” and the receptionist took the car keys and gave them to a young man standing outside who climbed into their car and drove off.
“So just say goodbye to the car Julie” and Carol did look a bit worried. The blond haired Brad Pitt came back to the two girls.
“By the way I havn’t introduced myself, I’m Brad and I can see from your guest book entry that you are Carol and Julie. Right. And now if you would both care to follow me to your room.
“Yes sure Mr. Errrr Brad.”
“What did I say Julie Mr. Black.”
“You can leave your luggage here, the bell hop will bring it up to the room. It’s on the second floor, No. 13, with a view down the road. I suppose you two girls are doing Route 66. We get a lot of tourists coming through at this time of the year. Where are you from?”
“We come from London.”
“Well that’s interesting, you mean London, Ontario or London England”
“London, England; you mean there is one is Canada as well?.
“Sure is Miss Carol, and I think we have one in the States but they renamed that as New London in Connecticut State.”
“Well, that’s interesting to know” answered Carol
“I guess I’ll leave you two dames to sort out your bits and pieces and go on my way. The bathroom is over there through the door if you want to freshen up. We don’t do food, but there is a real nice diner over the road belongs to the Crane sisters and they do a good coffee and food for a reasonable price. See you later.”
and he was gone.
“Should I have given him a tip Julie.” Asked Carol.
“I don’t know, but you always see them tipping in the films.” Answered Julie.

“Well I have had enough of being on the road for a time Julie, so I am going to have a shower.” And Carol made her way to the bathroom. Half a minute later she was back in the room.
“What’s up” asked Julie.
“Well, I was thinking Julie, stay outside the bathroom door and don’t go away. I’ll leave it open so that you can see if anything happens.”
“Carol I have absolutely no interest in seeing you standing naked in the shower.”
“No, silly, I mean, you know, remember what happened when Janet Leigh had that shower in the Motel belonging to Norman Bates.”
“Of course, it was one of the shortest film parts she ever had, but it made her famous.”
“Silly, I don’t mean that, but she was stabbed to death by the Motel owner.”
“Yes, and”
“Well, that Brad seemed to be a nice chap, but they are all nice when you first see them. I havn’t forgotten Todd and Chuck, our helpers on the motorway.”
Julie just shook her head and reassured Carol that she would make sure that no-one came into the room. She even had a peek through the blinds at the window but reassured Carol that the road was empty and everything was quiet. Carol entered the shower, turned on the water and pulled the curtain.
“At last some peace and quiet” thought Julie, but no. There was a loud shriek from the bathroom and Carol ran out in her birthday suit dripping water all over the carpet in the room.
“What’s up” asked Julie, “there is no-one here”.
“No there is no-one here except for a mega large spider in the corner of the bathroom. I am sure it is a tarantula.”
Julie entered the bathroom carefully with Carol peeping over her shoulder and sure enough there was an enormous spider there. Without hesitating Julie ripped the shower curtain down and threw it over the spider.
“What do we do now” asked Carol
Julie made her way to the telephone and dialled the reception.
“Yes Miss Julie, can I help you” luckily it was Brad the nice man at the reception.
“Please help we have been attacked in the bathroom.”
“At once, ma’am” and a few seconds later Brad knocked at the door at the two girls opened. By now Carol had wrapped a towel around herself.
“Where is the culprit?” asked Brad
“H-He’s in the bathroom wrapped up in the shower curtain” said Carol
Brad entered the bathroom and unfolded the curtain.
“Why ma’am that is just a normal old garden spider. We have quite a few around here at this time of the year. He won’t do anyone any harm. Think he is more frightened of you two girls than you of him.”

And Brad threw him out of the window through the slits in the blind.
“I had a look around but think your bathroom is now spider free so will leave you to your shower. And ma’am I would pull that towel up a bit more, showing a lot of free skin there.” And he left the room leaving Carol with a red face, having a quiet laugh to himself.

Eventually the girls had showered and cleaned up and decided to take a walk into town to get something to eat. They were just going and Julie looked out the window and what did she see. A Buick car pulling up outside of the motel and Todd and Chuck climbing out. The two fellows they last saw on route 66 with an axe full blood in the boot of the car. Julie and Carol had managed to escape, but not without giving them sleeping tablets in their coke first of all.

“Hey Todd” said Chuck. “Just look at that car on the parking lot, now don’t that look like the one those two dames had that sent us off for a long sleep on the road.”
“You said it” and Chuck and Todd left their car and walked over to that of Julie and Carol.
“Carol look they have seen our car”
“Who has seen our car?”
“You remember those two mass murderers from the road, that Chuck and Todd. They are out there on the street and are now walking over to the Motel.”
“Quick, out of here, down the fire escape.” And the two girls rushed out the door and ran to the fire escape at the end of the building wanting to make a quick getaway.
“Carol wait for me” said Julie “my high heel has got caught in the iron work of the fire escape. I just can’t move.”
Chuck and Todd both heard the voices of the two girls and looked up to see the predicament they had on the stairs.
“Have those two girls been here long” asked Chuck.
Brad, who knew both Chuck and Todd from their school days together looked up on the fire escape.
“They are two crazy English girls that booked in this morning. They seem to be having trouble with the American way of life and now it looks they are stuck on the fire escape.
“No problem Brad we will go and help them.”
Chuck and Todd climbed up the stairs and Julie and Carol were trapped. Julie was stuck and Carol did not want to leave her on her own. The men were getting nearer and nearer. They were standing before the two girls.
“At at last we have found you two” said Todd “ we have been looking everywhere”.
“Please let us go” said Carol, “our parents will send out a search troop if we go missing in America.”
“Hey Chuck do you know what they are talking about.”
“No idea. Listen Ma’am me and Todd would like to apologise for frightening you two girls. We realised after we left that you had probably seen the axe in the car and well, that would send a shock down everyone’s spine alone on Route 66. We told Jake that you drugged us and left us, but he said it was no wonder. Two guys with a bloody axe in car would be enough to scare anyone.”
“Who is Jake” asked the two girls

“He was our next customer. We go to the farm houses which are spread all over the county and do some pig killing for them. They don’t like doing it themselves and it’s our trade. I mean we kill them quite nicely ma’am, but we do the butcher’s job afterwards. Todd and I are both qualified in the meat trade. And now as compensation for the shock you both had; why Todd help the lady to release her shoe from the fire escape; we invite you both to a full square American meal at the diner over the road.”
“Yea ma’am” said Todd. “Those Crane sister sure do a good square meal and their coffee is the best in the county.”
“But please no hamburgers or Coke” said Julie and Carol together. They had the best meal on Route 66 that night that they had ever had and they decided to throw away their ideas about Hollywood films. There were some really nice guys to be met on Route 66.

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