Monday, 4 August 2008

Getting into the routine again

Today was really one of those days that I would rather have stayed in bed all day. My oldest son had to go back to work. As I am not working at the moment and his colleague is still on holiday he needed a chauffeur. Me and hubby both volunteered, but I knew it was a case of who was awake in the morning. Well let us say my son was very lucky as I was sound asleep when I hear my other half getting ready and he only had five minutes to spare. So poor hardworking son got to work on time, but he told us this evening he has bought a weekly bus ticket - I think he wants to be sure. He will have to walk a bit from the bus stop, but with his long legs and speed that will be no problem.

I had to get up a bit earlier this morning as I had a job I wanted to deal with and hubby and I went shopping. We were alone today, so I certainly didn't do a five star meal. Just the famous Swiss cervelat sausages and some pasta and veg. I then found apricots in the fridge that our neighbours brought us from their holiday on the home journey as they drove through the Kanton of Valais, home of the Swiss apricots. I had some flaky pastry so made an Aprikosenkuchen (apricot flan).


Quite easy really. Heat up the oven at around 200°C. Put the rolled out pastry in a flat form with raised side and stick a fork all over to allow the air to escape. Cut the apricots in quarters after removing the stone and arrange on the pastry. They I took an egg, sugar and some milk and beat it up with the mixer. I can't really say how much milk it needs but your liquid should cover the pastry base and half of the apricots. I actually used a remainder of single cream I had. you can also mix some apple quark in if your want to (I think that is cheese curd with apple flavour, but am not too sure). Anyhow bake in the oven until the pastry is brown - about 30 minutes and that's that. It is something very typical for Switzerland. In Winter apples are used instead of apricots, but you can make it with almost any fruit. If you make it with plums that cover them with ground almonds or hazelnut before putting the liquid around them, otherwise everything gets too wet.

So Mr. Swiss and I had some Aprikosenkuchen with whipped cream this afternoon. It was such a dull afternoon, didn't rain but everything was just grey in grey. I had my forty winks after dinner and so did Mr. Swiss, but I think we would have preferred about two hundred and forty winks. Anyhow it is now evening, my son has his first day of work behind him.

Our cat Fluffy has found a new sleeping place. We were missing him and where did we find him?


He decided to escape our attention and went behind the books in the book case, just behind the Harry Potter selection. After about two hours he came up for air stretched his nose out and decided it was time for something to eat. Sometimes I wish I was a cat and could sleep like that.


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