Friday, 8 August 2008

Excitement in a Swiss Village

Helicopter over the Aare night

It looks like one of those photo quizzes where you have to guess what it is. Well I will put you out of your misery. But to begin from the beginning it was around 09.30 yesterday evening and we hear a noise like something from one of those American war films. Very loud, machines running and my husband reaslised that we were listening to the sound of a helicopter churning its blades very near.

We naturally rushed outside to see if anything could be seen. Unfortunately it was already dark and in the hurry I could not make the correct adjustments to my camera, although I don't think I even knew them. I altered it to something like night sky but the above picture is the result. Mr. Swiss said that they must be searching for something as the white light was a giant search light. The helicopter was making a path over the local river. Here is a rough translation of what was in the newspaper today.

"Search operation along the river Aare
Yesterday evening around 9.30 the Kantons police of Solothurn received a report that someone jumped into the Aare from the bicycle bridge in Solothurn (see photo of bridge) and did not surface afterwards.
Kreuzackerbr├╝ck, Solothurn
With a helicopter and two motor boats a search operation began from the Kantons police. Up to now it is not known if the missing person has been found. Up to the present time it cannot be excluded that the whole thing was a false report."

So that was that. Just a little bit of excitement to brighten up a dull day in a Swiss village.

Another piece of local news was that the restaurant in a near bye village was not the victim of fireworks as first thought (see my blog) but seems that it was the result of a fuse box that started burning on its own late during the night. It was just a stupid coincidence that Switzerland was completely in firework mania on that evening. The restaurant is a complete loss and the owners are now trying to come to terms with their fate. I feel sorry for them as it is a group of 4-5 young people that had really built something for the local youth. They had music groups appearing and there was never any complaint that it was rowdy. My son often paid a visit on a music evening and he never had a problem.

Seems that quiet times are on us at the moment in Multiply, but I always find something to say or show. Now take a look at this little man.

Bug on the blackberries

I found him on my blackberries yesterday evening. Must be some sort of blackberry bug as he seemed quite partial to the fruit. Any ideas welcome. So I have other things to do now like putting something in the washing machine. What a way to spend Friday evening.

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