Sunday, 27 July 2008

A True Story about a cat


"Mrs. Human are you going to tell us a story about another cat?" asked Fluffy. Before I had a chance to answer My black long haired Nera cat came on the scene.
"I don't mind you telling about other cats Mrs. Human, but don't tell them about the degradation I suffered yesterday at the hands of Mr. Human.".
"Oh come on Nera" said her litter sister Tabby "it wasn't that bad and you really don't smell so bad any more and look much nicer."
"So cats" I said " I wouldn't have said anything but now everyone wants to know what happened."
"In that case I will tell it myself" and so Nera continued.
"There I was cooling down on the floor and then he packed me, Mr. Human. Not only that but he had a machine in his hand that had blades in it and it was humming. I think the humans call it an electric razor."
"And then" said Tabby and Fluffy together.
"Well, then he pinned me down my holding the wonderful silky fur I have at the back of the neck and I was helpless. Couldn't move right or left. And then he started going through my lovely fur and shortening the wonderful length I had. Mrs. Human was standing next to him gathering it all together. If that wasn't enough he then called for a second razor as the first got blunt and carried on. That wasn't so bad but then he decided that the job was not being done properly so he told Mrs. Human to fetch the scissors."
"Oh No, not the scissors" said Tabby and Fluffy in a terrifying miaow.
"Yes the scissors and cut lumps out of my fur."
"It wasn't that bad Nera. Mr. Human managed to cut out some twigs and dried up snails in your fur and everyone now agrees that you don't smell any more."
"Well that is definitely true Mrs. Human" said Fluffy.
"And you look much better" said Tabby.

And before we continue this conversation I want to tell a true cat story I read in the newspaper today.

There was a two year old cat living near where we live in Solothurn. On Saturday 26th April she suddenly disappeared. The owners of the cat searched for her for days but she was never found. The cat was an adventurous cat, always going on hunting trips and sometimes missing for a day, but always came back. The family thought that the cat was probably the victim of a martin or fox which are often in the neighbourhood.

On Saturday 5th July ten weeks later, the family had a telephone call at seven in the morning from Suhr, which is about 80 kilometers away from Solothurn. A lady on the phone told the family that their cat, Sila by name, had been living in her house for the last two days. She found the cat wandering and wanted to give it to the cat home, but they said they did not take in stray cats. Strange that you give so much money to a cat home as donations and they are not even interested in taking in a stray cat.

Then the lady went on to say that she noticed the stray cat had a collar with a pendant hanging on it, and the lady noticed that inside the pendant was a paper showing the telephone No. of the cat owners, so she called them to tell them their cat was safe and sound. Of course everyone was so happy to know that the cat had been found. The lady that found the cat put it in a travelling cage and drove the 80 kilometers to the house where the owners were and brought the cat home. During the car journey the cat was still and quiet. As soon as they arrived at her home the cat started miaowing loudly. She literally jumped out of the cage into the arms of its rightful owner and was licking them all over.

Naturally the family wondered how the cat managed to go 80 kilometers away from its family and came to the conclusion that the cat must have got into a lorry and was transported away in the lorry. The cat must have had a lot of adventures during her journey. She was a kilo lighter and had a few scars and was completely worn out. she had probably been looking for her house when she was found. Now the cat is really being spoilt and has been given vitamin and mineral rations from the vet and has slept a lot. She has already made up for the weight she lost so all's well that ends well.

I must admit I had a bit of wet eyes after I read that story.
"Is that why we all have a collar with that thing hanging on it Mrs. Human" asked Fluffy.
"Of course" said Nera, butting in on the conversation again "so that we find our way back home again."

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