Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Fluffy has Problems

Fluffy on the way to the vets

It was time for a Fluffy visit to the vets again. Over the last few weeks we were finding his white fluffy fur on our red carpet day for day. At first I just thought it was a fur coat change as it is now warmer weather. Suddenly we noticed he was looking a bit thin, so had a closer examination and discovered that his legs were not really thinner, but the fur was disappearing from the inside of his legs. It was the same symptoms that he developed after his accident some 3 years ago when he was blinded. We had a closer look and noticed that the fur had also disappeared from his tummy, he was quite pink.

“And Nera and Tabby kept calling me Baldy, Mrs. Human” piped up Fluffy
“Now that is not nice Nera, Tabby. How would you like it if your fur fell out.” I lost my temper with them a bit.
“Nera’s fur can’t fall out, Mrs. Human” said Fluffy “it is completely stuck together with twigs, flower seeds and dried up snails” and he sniggered behind his paws.
“Hissssss Fluffy, I have a good lick every day.” I noticed Nera was getting a bit angry.
“Of course my litter sister has a lick every day” said Tabby “she likes the taste of snails and insects. She even has a scratch now and again to get rid of the other inhabitants of her fur coat.”
“Well I didn’t have to go to the vet to have a hair restorer like Fluffy”
“You must think yourself very clever, Nera” and then I reminded her of the day a couple of years ago when I had to take her to the vet for a haircut.
“You don’t have to bring those old stories up, Mrs. Human.”
“No, I don’t Nera, but by the look of your fur at the moment I think the time is coming for another short back and sides.”
Nera after the Haircut
“You are right Mrs. Human, sister Nera does look a bit moth eaten at the moment” said Tabby.
“So don’t change the subject, Fluffy is going bald.” And Nera hissed once more for a bit of emphasis.
“But the vet said it will get back to normal again, didn’t he Mrs. Human.”

I reassured Fluffy that everything would be ok. Fluffy was really a brave cat and when we drove off he didn’t even meow but seemed to quite enjoy the drive.

“And I even met another cat at the vets. He had a head like Tabby and a body like a Siamese. His humans said he was a mixture. We also saw the vet’s parrot again. He was sitting in his cage and Mrs. Human made a photo of him. I didn’t like it so much when the vet stuck his big needle in my leg, but afterwards when he was finished he put a bandage around my leg. Afterwards he gave me two injections in my tummy but told Mrs. Human that everything would now be ok and my fur coat will grow again. I enjoyed the drive back home. Mrs. Human put the car radio on so we had some nice music on the way”, which was Fluffy’s version of the trip.

Blue fronted Amazon parrot

The vet gave him a depot injection which means that he is getting masculine hormones regularly into his blood stream which will enable his fur to start getting back to normal. It was just a hormone disturbance he had. The vet also took some blood samples and when I phoned today the vet said everything was perfect.

“So you see, Fluffy, everything is otherwise ok, although we have to go back to the vet again tomorrow about your digestion. It seems you are swallowing a bit too much fur at the moment and that is making a bit of a mess to clear up.”
“Mrs. Human all respectable cats have to get rid of their fur balls now and again, one of the reasons why we eat so much grass.” Said Tabby
“My sister, is right” added Nera “although I never really have that problem with my beautiful shiny fur coat.
“Of course you don’t” said Fluffy “it’s just all stuck together with snail slime so you can’t swallow it can you”.
“Hisssss, I’ll get you, you balding Selkirk Rex, just wait.”
“Nera, the days of your quick movements are slowly disappearing, eat a bit less and you can catch me.”
“That cheeky balding fluffy monster is insulting me Mrs. Human”
“Nera, what do you expect. I think Fluffy has enough from your insults and he is right. You are definitely eating a bit too much at the moment.”
“I would leave them Mrs. Human” added Tabby “after all nobody’s perfect, although certain big black long haired cats seem to get a bit of star allure now and again. Now if they were all short haired tabby cats like me, this problem would not arise. A good scratch and a quick lick and I am always ready for a sleep. I don’t know why they have such problems.”

Actually that is true, Tabby is the cat that gives me less problems. Well at the moment her favourite sleeping place during the day is my desk chair so I have to make do with a hard stool with no backrest. Of course, cats rule at home and I can’t just shove Tabby off the chair now can I?

“I would hope not, Mrs. Human. It’s tiresome enough during the day to pick a nice sleeping place. When your oldest kitten is at work I can use his room, but as soon as he comes home in the evening he throws me out. I could go in the cushion on top of the cupboard, but that is for Winter sleeping. In Summer I prefer to be nearer to the great outdoors – you know, in case a mouse walks past by the window, then I can make a quick getaway.” So that was Tabby’s idea of an ideal feline life.

Tabby sleeping

Aren’t cats just wonderful animals?

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