Monday, 14 July 2008

The Butterfly

Have you ever wanted to photograph something and it just wouldn't work. Since a week I have had visits from cabbage white butterflies. They are not particularly colourful, mainly white with a few spots. Their children are very unpopular. Mainly long and green in colour and they have a very large appetite for green leaves, mainly salad and other edible vegetables. Funnily enough I had not seen any caterpillars in the garden, but I stopped doing veg a couple of years ago.

Anyhow mummy butterfly has been flying around all the time, but was very busy and just would not sit still for a photo until today. We have had torrential rainfall in the last couple of days and my hosta leaves had a few butterfly sized puddles on them, the ideal place for lady butterfly to have a drink. I then spotted her sitting on a leaf so sneaked up and took a photo, trying not to shake while I was doing it (these days that often happens). This was the result and I though with this I must be satisfied.

Cabbage White Butterfly

I decided to hang around to see if she decided to spread her wings out and relax, and my patience was rewarded. I think I took about ten photos of her and this is the best one I made.

Cabbage White Butterfly

So the next time you want to assassinate a green caterpillar, think twice as this is what they grow up to be (or just don't grow any salad in the garden).

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