Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Weekend at home

It really was a week-end at home. Mr. Swiss did the shopping on Saturday morning and I stayed put and tidied things up at home. The problem was that I got up too late to go shopping and do the housework, so we split the job and I was glad. I had no. 2 son at home as well, although I don't really seem to see much more of him as when he is working in Belgium.

I was not exactly doing nothing for two days and managed to catch up a bit in the garden. My other half had made me a very nice new flower bed and I had bought some Petunias to plant as a border. Here is the final result.

Flower bed

I was quite pleased with the result and all the stones he pulled out I put in one pile at the end for a rockery one day. My cat Nera was especially happy as she found a nice place to sleep at the back in between the dahlias. Actually I thought my dahlias had disappeared and after a long wait they did eventually start growing.

I also spent the week-end feeding my three cats and the one next door as well as the one on the first floor. The two adoptive cats didn't say much and were just glad receivers of food and a cleaned out toilet.

There was also a football match to watch. Getting nearer to the EURO Cup the teams are practicing with friendly matches. Germany played against Serbia and won 2:1 although they were very lucky. This was only a practice match and I think the germans are saving their strength for the cup matches. I have a feeling they will win.

We watched a Bruce Willis film yesterday evening, at least I watched two thirds and gave it up, but as usual he saved everyone, got a bullet in him but still carried on - I think it was called Hostage, but everyone seemed to be a hostage in that film. I decided to read a book.

Today I was watering my newly installed lawn on the other garden, the one that my neighbour living on the top floor wanted me to have, because he did not like the way my garden was looking on that side of the house and I noticed this was growing in it.

Mushrooms in the lawn

Luckily my neighbour, Mr. Black, that lives on the top floor was once again spending the Summer months in his villa in the mountains of Switzerland, so I was spared seeing him getting out his binoculours and discovering that I had a couple of mushrooms in the lawn. I made a photo naturally, as it is not every day I have a mushroom growing in the lawn, and afterwards removed them. I hope they do not come back again.

So that was a week-end in the Swiss country, relaxed and doing only what I wanted to do. I now have to go and water the garden and will spend the evening in psychological preparations for the week ahead.

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