Thursday 29 May 2008

The day the crane and my overgrown kitten arrived

Arrival of the Crane

Just a normal day in the office I thought, but when I left at lunchtime this monster was outside. It seems a new machine was being delivered in our "tool school" where the showroom for our products is and where visitors can admire our tools and machines. I missed the actual machine arrival but the crane was still standing. There is something fascinating with those big cranes. They move a couple of tons with no problem. This time I was just a spectator, but I have other experiences. When our company has bought a new machine and they have to be imported, then I am usually involved in the import formalities.

What is the value of the machine and when will it arrive. You have to co-ordinate the arrival of the crane with the machine delivery. Cranes cost money and do not just stand around waiting for a machine that might arrive. Sometimes the machines are only on loan, so the return transport also has to be taken into consideration. A free pass is established and then money is involved. It has to be deposited at the border to ensure that everything runs custom free. In any case I felt this was definitely a chance for a couple of photos.

And talking of photos - each week in Multiply there is a picture perfect. This week I found so interesting. The theme was roadside, and the result was that nearly everyone that took part really showed their roadsides and what a variety there was. Roadsides from the states, India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and my little Switzerland just to name a few. I have tried not to forget a country but I found the atmosphere of the different roadsides really interesting and astonishing the varieties around the world.

At the moment I am awaiting the arrival of my son for a few days again from Brussels. but my cats do not seem to be very happy.

Nera having a taste of grass

"You know Mrs. Human, we had enough problems last time. Everytime your overgrown kitten arrives, we have to make room" said Nera the leader of the cat pack.
"Nera, I told you it is only for a few days. I only see my son now and again, and you can see your sister Tabby every day and Fluffy as well."
"Mrs. Human I do not have to see my sister, I can smell her and Fluffy knows she has to go out of my way when I come. My cat clan respect me as the leader of the pack, but your kitten has absolutely no respect for us cats."
"Yes, Nera, you are right" Tabby joins in. "And now I must go and sharpen my claws in preparation of the kitten visit."
"Tabby" I said "you will do not such thing. If I find that my son gets one small scratch with your paw print on it, I will impose a tuna fish embargo on you and your feline colleagues - is that understood."
So Fluffy arrives. "Tabby I think you had better leave the kitten in peace. I don't want to go without my tuna fish just because you decide to leave your mark on him."
"As you know Tabby I am the last one to agree with Fluffy, but in this case I think he has a point. Do we really want to starve and have fish withdrawal symptoms just because of a disrespectful kitten."
"Ok Nera, if you put it that way I will put my claws away, but one false movement from him and then I will attack."
I looked at my three cats with an angry glance. I think they eventually got the message and decided to change the subject.

Mr. Grey

"I think that Mr. Grey is around our place too much at the moment" Fluffy remarked.
Nera looked at Fluffy with her usual chief look in the eyes "Fluffy Mr. Grey may come and visit us now and again. We often have interesting conversations about how to deal with Roschti, the ginger cat from round the corner, and he has some good ideas."
"You don't need ideas with Roschti" said Tabby "you just have to chase him away, something you havn't done up to now Nera. Why even Fluffy gives Roschti a hiss and frightens him off."
"I know" answered Nera, "but Mr. Grey had I have developed a long term plan to keep him away for good".
"I noticed", said Fluffy, "you just run away and disappear through the cat flap and Roschti sits outside until Tabby chases him away. I havn't seen Mr. Grey helping out. He is usually sitting next door with Bobinette the fluffy cat and having a conversation with her."
"That is true Nera" said Tabby "a little bit of help and attack might be a good idea."
"Listen, you two, who is the oldest and the boss around here, not to mention the most beautiful. Cats like me do not fight, it is beneath my level. We observe and think."
"Well don't think to hard" said Tabby and Fluffy "it might hurt" and they both sniggered behind their paws, but Nera was already laying flat on the ground with her eyes closed and sleeping.

"Fluffy, I don't think we will get much more sense out of Nera this evening, so lets call it a day. An hour's sleep will do us all good, it will be a long night and on these warm evenings there is many a mouse waiting to be caught."
"Well enjoy the fun Tabby, I will spend the night indoors as usual, it's a bit dodgy for me to wander around through the night, I might get lost, not seeing anything."

Fluffy taking it easy

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