Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Walk around the garden

In the garden

There is not much going on in the garden at the moment. We had a spell of cold weather which seems to have turned the brakes on the growth. These are so-called Christmas roses, although the proper Christmas ones are white. This is always the first plant that flowers in the garden.

In the garden

I then found these flowering away. I don't know what they are called, but I planted them in a border a couple of years ago.


Even found some tulips that had started flowering. Funny the things I discover and don't even remember planting it. Then there was these two rare objects.

Fluffy and Roschti

Roschti had decided to pay our Fluffy a visit in the garden. Actually he charged on into our place, but I soon managed to turn him in the other direction with a loud command. Fluffy felt quite secure outside as I was near bye. They just sat there looking at each other.

Tabby and Nera

What was Tabby and Nera watching? They suddenly came out of their sleeping places and stared at the window. This time it was not Roschti, the red enemy, but Bobinette from next door. She was looking in through the window and this did not suit my two cats. It's funny how they notice something like that. Bobinette didn't even make any noise, but was just sitting there. I think cats do have a 6th sense somehow.


In the meanwhile Fluffy decided to have a lick to prepare for a long sleep and Nera amused herself in a place where she shouldn't be.


I told her to find somewhere else and with a hiss she went off in another direction. That was the day more or less in pictures. Oh I saw that the snails are also back in the garden.

Snails in the garden

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