Saturday 19 April 2008

It was Tabby's Day Today

Tabby trying the new bag out

"Tabby, will you come out of that new bag that Mr. Human bought"
"But Mr. Human must have bought it for me" answered Tabby. "He knows that I like sitting in places where I am completely protected from all sides"
"No Tabby" I answered, "Mr. Human bought that bag because he needs it for carrying things and not for you Tabby."
"But Mr. Human put it on the table and opened it which is an invite for us cats. After all I am now the boss around here".
I looked at Tabby wondering what had happened. Up to now it was Nera that gave out the instructions, got the best sleeping place, was always first one served at the tuna fish dinners and Tabby always sat patiently on one side waiting. Then something suddenly came to my mind.
"So, Tabby out with it, I noticed that Nera your litter sister doesn't boss you around so much any more. Does it have something to do with
Roschti the new cat in the neighbourhood. The one that you and Nera always run away from when you see him?"
"Well, sort of. I have decided I will no longer be bullied by a fat, smelly tom cat. The last straw was when he spent the night sleeping on our cat centre. I decided it was time for action"
"So what happened Tabby?". Now I was really getting curious. I saw Tabby in the garden yesterday and today and Roschti walked past. Tabby just sat their on the edge of the garden watching. Usually she would make a dash for it, so fast that she would overtake the fastest cheetah, but there she was just watching Roschti. Roschti just walked on straight ahead, although she must have known that Tabby was watching her.
"Well" said Tabby "it's just a matter of feline intelligence really. I just told him that either he disappears from our territory and stops showing off, or my human will take a photo of him and write about what a stupid cat he is on her blog and everyone will laugh at him."
"Yes, but why does Nera still run away from him when she sees him coming?"
Tabby looked at me with her big green eyes and I think I saw a small smile on her face.
"Well, Nera is ok, but now and again she gets a bit of star allure. Thinks she is a sort of feline gift to the cat world. Since you made that close up portrait of her, it just went to her head.


So between us two, we don't have to tell Nera everything do we? She might be the best looking but who has the brains around here?".
"OK, Tabby you can surprise me sometimes, but I would say it is time to get out of Mr. Human's new bag, before he sees you".
"Did I hear my name mentioned, Tabby what are you doing in my new bag, That is definitely not the idea." Mr. Human arrives on the scene.
"I was just telling Mrs. Human that it is a comfortable bag and shows good taste to buy such a bag. I always wanted one like that. Couldn't we put a nice comfortable cushion in it."
"Tabby, I did not buy that bag as a sleeping place for the feline race, but to carry a few things I have to take with me some times." Mr. Human was slowly getting annoyed with Tabby.

Tabby trying the new bag out

"So Tabby, I really think it is time for you to leave that bag alone." I said. We want to unpack it and no, it is not a new bed for you. The sun is shining outside, so I think it might be an idea to get some fresh air. As it seems that you are king of the garden again, there is no problem to take a walk outside."
"Do you mean she has solved the Roschti problem." Mr. Human was very surprised so Mrs. Human told him how clever Tabby had been.
"But Tabby" said Mr. Human, "that still doesn't give you the right to sit in my new bag. This evening you get an extra portion tuna fish, but in the meanwhile I think it would be a good idea if you really go out a bit as Mrs. Human said."
"Ok, Ok, I am on my way. You can have your shopping bag to yourself again. Who wants to sit in an old bag when the garden is teaming with interesting things to play with. I might even give a few hisses in Roschti's direction if he walks past."
"Tabby, I wouldn't overdo it if I was you. Just leave Roschti to his thing and you get on with yours. You never know Roschti might talk his human into writing a blog about a little tabby cat living next door that used to run away when she saw him".
"You humans are funny animals, always have an answer to everything" and with that remark Tabby jumped out of the bag and went outside into the garden.

Tabby in the garden

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