Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Cat Fight?

Tuna Fish Wednesday Fluffy and Nera

I just don't understand our Nera the cat, that she is so frightened of Roschti the neighbour's cat. This photo was one of those by chance photos. She was sitting next to Fluffy our blind cat on Wednesday evening waiting patiently for her tuna fish to be served and I took a photo of them both. I only realised today that I actually got Nera in one of her "if looks could kill" poses.

This morning I let her out for her usual morning walk, together with Tabby her litter sister, although they never walk together, but on their own. I was finished with breakfast and had my usual ten minutes on the computer before going off to work. Suddenly their was a feline high pitched screech, a bang as the cat flap opened and closed again and Nera did her 100 mph full pelt through the flap and home again, ears standing up at 90° on her head. Mr. Swiss said he saw Roschti hard on her heels so it was clear that they had perhaps met somewhere on the way. Tabby was peacefully sitting in the garden as if nothing had happened.

During the day Mr. Swiss met one of our next door neighbours. She said she had a bit of shock with Nera and Roschti this morning, the way they had attacked each other until Nera eventually made off with Roschti hard on her heels. That was probably the overture to the bit before she came home again. If I was a cat and saw Nera as she is on the photo above I think I would run off. Anyhow everything seems to be under control again. Mr. Grey the neighbour's cat and Nera were both outside this evening and absolutely no problem. I really don't think I will ever understand cats.

And now I am off for a football match, Manchester Utd. v Barcelona.

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