Wednesday 6 February 2008

The Day started with a Rainbow

Rainbow in Bellach

There I was sitting at my desk in the early morning wondering whether to get a coffee or do some work and my colleague says "don't you want to take a photo of the rainbow outside". Naturally I was wide awake and ready to go. It was miserable weather and I was surprised. I always thought that rainbows were caused by the sun shining through water drops. Well there was plenty of water around but I didn't see the sun. Anyhow I managed to get a couple of photos, although I have seen better rainbows.

Afterwards back to work, a nice quiet day - half of the office taken the day off to sleep out the carnival from last night and in Germany things were also very quiet. I think if there was an international European crisis during the carnival week, nobody here would be bothered. They would either be celebrating in the streets or in bed sleeping the whole thing off.

I have an appointment with a football match this evening. Switzerland are playing England in Wembley stadium in London. Our Swiss trainer, Kobi Kuhn, had a bit of a problem trying to sort out which goalkeeper he should choose (i.e. according to the newspapers and media). Pascal Zuberb├╝hler is the "regular" up to now, but is 37 years old and so our trainer is putting a younger man in the goal - Diego Benaglio - 24 years old and not very much experience, so let's see what happens. I have lived 20 years in England and 40 in Switzerland, so who will I be supporting? Let's hope the best team wins (Switzerland??). For Switzerland it is a practice for the Europa cup for which unfortunately England did not qualify. Most of the Swiss players don't play in Switzerland in any case.

So let's hope the rainbow over our local village was a sign that Switzerland will win.

Rainbow in Bellach

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