Sunday, 3 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: New Feline Sensation

Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’

Tabby relaxing

“Tabby you look distinctly blue today, are you not feeling well?”

“I feel fine Mrs. Human, it is the latest fashion in cat fur enhancement. Blue is in, it is modern.”

“But I think I preferred the natural Tabby look.”

“All the modern felines are dong it and it is all natural colour.”

“Where did you get it done.”

“I ordered the colour online with my pawpad. There was just a little problem applying it, but i think you can easily remove the blue stains from the bath by scrubbing carefully.”

“You used the bath?”

“Well I had to do it somewhere and it is too cold outside at the moment. Just a bottle of colour and then you roll in it. I think you can easily remove the blue paw marks from the tiles on the floor, although the stains on the carpet might be a little difficult. It says on the bottle that carpet stains may remain, but they will be an enhancement to the original colour.”

“But I don’t want blue paw marks on my carpet. Look I have to scrub to remove the colour from the floor and now my hands are blue.”

“It will wash out eventually according to the instructions Mrs. Human, don’t make such a fuss. You should hear the complaints that Tiddle’s human is making. Of course, I decided on a nice quiet colour.”

“What colour does Tiddles have?”

“She set her mind on red, but not just a quiet red, she wanted blood red. Her human thought there had been an accident when she saw the stains splattered on the walls and floor.”

“So I can be happy that I only have blue stains all over the appartment.”

“It is all in the name of fashion Mrs. Human. I was reading in the Daily Paw that blond whiskers are now the big hit. All the felines are having their whiskers bleached.”

“Where are you going Tabby?”

“Stay cool. I only need the kitchen sink for bleaching whiskers, although it says on the bottle aim the spray only on the whiskers otherwise there might be a problem with painted surfaces in the home.”

“Tabby no, give me that spray.”

“But Mrs. Human, it is all in the name of fashion. I am sure you would be proud to have a blue Tabby with blond whiskers.”

“No Tabby, I would be pleased to have a clean bath and no stains on my walls.”


  1. Maybe it's my screen calibration, but Tabby looks distinctly light purple to me.

    1. It is the light effect and I only did a quick colour change in Ribbit.