Sunday, 27 December 2015

Daily Prompt: Young at Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?


“Who is knocking at my door.?”

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“Yes and who are you.”

“Here is my card, Mr. G. Reaper at your service.”

“Now you are wearing original gloves, they resemble a hand of bones. I think you have the wrong door, what are you selling? Not even on a Sunday am I spared with salesmen.”

“My service is not for sale, you get it as part of the package deal, everything included. Do you mind if I come in, it has been an exhausting time at Christmas, people are so reluctant to go further.”

“You have already entered, so you might as well sit down and show me what you have as part of this deal. You can remove your hat and cloak and hang it somewhere, it is quite warm in the apartment. Do you have a sort of catalogue with the different items you have to offer.”

“I prefer to keep my cloak and hat on, some people do not feel comfortable when they see me without them. No, we don’t do catalogues. We were thinking about it but our P.R. man decided it would not be advisable. Everyone would go for the same thing: eternal pain free further existence and a nice big bang at the end where you do not feel anything.”

“At the end of what, if I may ask? What are you actually selling? Everyone sells something today and what is in it for you?”

“Oh everything is in it for me, another satisfied customer, although unfortunately they do not give me a reference for my good reliable service. My results are constant with no disappointments and no extra favours granted. You might be rich or poor but you all get the same treatment in the end.”

“So how is this with the pain free thing. I have back ache, my knees do not do what they should and I have trouble with my balance. Do you have a tablet to cover it all, or is there one for each complaint.”

“I told you I do not really do cures, it is all a matter of how you feel about it. Some struggle until the end, the others do not even notice it, and now and again there is a special offer.”

“Special offer sounds good, think I would like one of those.”

“I will have to talk to the boss, I cannot do the special offer on my own.”

“Your boss sounds to have the last word on everything.”

“He does, although there are actually two bosses and often they do not agree, but let us see what we can do. I will have to make a few notes. What are your thoughts on a return?”

“A return from what?”

“From where you are going of course. Some like to get to the entrance hall and decide not to go further. They get blinded by the bright lights and remember there are still a few things they wanted to do before they went forever to where they were going. That is choice A. We also have choice B. You go into the lights and reconsider. You can then return for a while.”

“I never did like bright lights, I prefer something more soft. It makes it easier to read, my eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Do you supply spectacles?”

“No, they are no longer necessary where you are going.”

“You mean you have a cure for bad eyesight.”

“I have a cure for everything. So we are now at choice B. Do you want to return for a while. Of course there is C, you just go and that’s it.”

“I do not really intend of leaving forever. I think I will return, yes.”

“OK, for a year, five years or 500 years. We do have some special cases, but they are usually the ones that the boss finds they look good, especially if they went out with a head less.”

“I think I am losing the thread somewhere here Mr. Reaper.”

“Just a minute Mrs. Angloswiss, I have a call to take on my mobile phone which is chiming.”

“Yes it is making quite a noise. Your phone is very original, resembles an urn if I may say so.”

“We try to keep with the modern times. Just a moment please.

There has been a mistake Reaper, we forgot to change the year on the eternal clock. You are at least 10 years too early with Mrs. Angloswiss. Give her the complimentary wreath with the lilies and leave, and come home. We have no customers until we put things back to normal. The boys and I have the day off. We are having a game of skittles with a few bones laying around.”

“That is a nice wreath, for me?”

“Yes as a complimentary gift from the organisation. There has been a mistake, I am a few years too early. I must go.”

“Who are you talking to dear.”

“Just a nice visitor, a Mr. G. Reaper. He had to go, but said he will be back another time. He even gave me a lovely wreath of white lillies, although I actually prefer red roses.”

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