Friday, 25 December 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Generous Meow Genies

Remember those lovely meow genies

Tabby the wonder feline is back - did you miss me? Silly question, of course you did. There is something missing in a daily prompt life without a Tabby feline and a Mrs. Human with the opposable thumbs, and that is the reason for my two days abscence. Mrs. Human forgot how to use her opposable thumbs, they were not working, neither was anything else in her human form. Thank goodness for a Mr. Human who still remembered how to open a tin a tuna fish for my Catmas dinner. Luckily he also knew how to empty my litter tray, otherwise I would have had a few embarrassing moments when the carol singers called. You cannot have a messy tray when visitors arrive, especially at Catmas.

I am still celebrating and now and again I even wake up to see if there is anything new around here. It seems that Mrs. Human has also recovered from whatever she had, although her coughing and sneezing is very annoying for sensitive feline ears. To celebrate the season I organised a couple of humans with one of my favourite Catmas songs. The words are so full of hidden meaning and they would bring tears to my feline eyes, if it would be possible, but feline eyes are not really made for tears. 

Mrs. Human is waving from somewhere in the background. Happy Catmas humans wherever you are and special greetings across the pond to my canine friends who are probably now celebrating dogmas. So here it is, the feline Catmas song

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