Friday, 6 November 2015

Daily Prompt: Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

Who needs more than one word when you are 69 years old?

budlleia in autumn

My immediate future is the daily removal of the leaves that fall from this buddleia. It all started on Monday, the ground was covered with leaves and so I removed them, only to have them replaced the next day by the tree. It resembles the painting of the Fourth bridge in Scotland, or perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge for my colonist friends in the States. As soon as you are finished, you can begin all over again. Every leaf is a rheumatic twinge more, but I will win eventually. When all the leaves have fallen and Autumn is conquered by the icy fingers of the Winter (now that is poetical isn’t it), I can relax in a chair in front of my computer.

Another one of those happy go lucky prompts where a 69 year old golden oldie can talk about a future that is already happening. What does my future hold for me? Never give up, always think positive so I organised a new computer yesterday with Windows 10, something good with SSD drive and 512 GB or whatever, a super machine. Others may be more into knitting socks or pullovers for the Winter, even planning on catching up on the films that they never saw to occupy their Winter evenings.

Me: I decide to organise a new computer for I, me and myself. As they say you cannot take it with you, so make the most of it when you can still think in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and all the rest. Ok, I am spoiling myself I know. I already have a super Apple Macbook with all the trimmings but it is not the same. After dropping my Acer on the floor last week, it was either me or the computer, it seems that a few parts have become loose. It still works perfectly if I hang the cable over the lid to keep it in an upright position, but I decided the time is now ripe for something new and I need space for my photos, at least I think so.

I do not need this new computer tomorrow and the delivery is beginning December which suits me fine. I can work out how and what arrives on this wonder machine. Shall I keep the tiles, or convert the look by applying Classic Shell which will give me a  Windows 7 appearance. I will make my decision when the computer arrives, but I think I will go with the times and see how I manage with the tiles. I can always get rid of them if I do not like them. Now I have something to do through the Winter months. My new computer will also be an Acer, a Black Acer, known as Acer Nitro.

So why get all cosy in the Winter, when there are computers?  And if I really get bored I can take my camera for a walk in the Winter wonderland, hoping that I will not skid on the ice and break something.  Must go now, have a few leaves to collect.


  1. This new computer I bought myself when I was recovering from my operation, came with Windows 8.1, which has the ability to switch between 'classic' desktop or modern 'tiled' format at the click of a mouse. I find I still prefer the old 'classic' desktop, so keep it set to that. I look forward to seeing/hearing more of your new computer.

    1. I will let you know. As I have a perfect functioning Apple I am not so bothered about the surface structure. I could easily upload classic shell on my computer, Mr. swiss has it on his windows 10 (which used to be 8.1). I easily got used to apple and I want to have a go with the new surface construction on Windows. If it doesn't work I can easily change. I am actually an apple person, but my Acer is now showing signs of old age (especially since I dropped it) and so now is the time. I am getting a super machine with SSD drive and same capacity as my Apple. I am still deciding how to arrange it.