Sunday, 29 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Unplugged

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little tins of tuna fish. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?


Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human. No answer and it’s time for my daily feline blog, but who needs a human? She seems to be busy on her pawpad, sorry computer. I am sure she has exciting things to tell other humans, although not as exciting as my unplugged world. I even meow unplugged now and again, although it seems my voice is not always appreciated, especially when I am bored in the early morning hours. Mrs. Human is not happy.

As the introduction states, I do not always have to be surrounded by tins of tuna fish. My tuna fish days are usually Wednesdays and Sundays, although I often have to give a claw prod on Mrs. Human to remind her. She is no longer one of the kittens and she even has problems bending to empty my recycling tray. I might have to look around for a new human, although the market is quite exhausted at the moment. Human kittens are often in the learning phase. They seem to think that a stroke and cuddle and keeping the cat flap closed is the answer to a feline dream.

Of course Mrs. Human had to learnt the hard way, but I put my paw down. I remember it as if it was yesterday when she had a repair on one of the window handles. The human that was doing it had a telephone call on one of these human phones that they carry with them, or is it part of their anatomy. Anyhow he was talking to another human about her new window with the built in cat flap and my whiskers and ears were alert.

“Mrs. Human, did you know you can have a window together with a cat flap.”

“No Tabby.”

“I thought not, so I ordered one today with the human that fixed your window handle.”

“But Tabby that is expensive”

“No problem Mrs. Human, all paid for online with your credit card. It will be delivered tomorrow.”

I think that was the first time when my human realised that eating tuna fish and sniffing cat nip was not the ideal feline life. We wanted to get out in the fresh air and fight our own battles. We needed an unplugged life and so it happened. The window was fitted with the cat flap and I was free. Many were the nights and days when I would wander unplugged through the grass killing anything that breathed and was tasty for an extra snack. Mrs. Human was not so happy when I would bring the kill home: even when I gave her a leg or ear. Humans are fussy and not so keen on mice although they do eat birds, but big birds without feathers. And now I must go I can hear the sound of a tin opener, it is Sunday. Unplugged is good, but so is my home  Mrs. Human I am coming and don’t forget to garnish my tuna with a sprig of parsley, we felines eat with the eyes.

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  1. I wonder if there would ever be a time when Tabby gets tired of tuna and asks for something different?