Monday, 5 October 2015

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?


Sometimes things happen as a surprise, almost as if they were intended. After my golden oldie sleep at lunchtime I awoke and did a mail check. I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was delighted. My friend, whom I stay with when in England, discovered a photo whilst visiting her cousin. We were both at school together for approxiamately 6-7 years and that was many years ago, roughly 61 years. I am on the left, my friend on the right and her late father in the middle. I cannot even remember where it was taken, but may have been a masonic dinner and dance as both her uncles were freemasons and we were often invited. I do not even remember the dress I was wearing, although a rough memory tells me it might have been pale blue. I had definitely been to the hairdressers for the occasion, hence the bouffant exploding hairstyle - it was fashion at the time. Blogs did not exist and neither did home computers. Mr. Swiss was impressed, he had never seen me so young, although it was probably 4-5 years later that that fateful day occurred in the office.

Anyhow, WordPress wants to know something, they want some revelations. I do not usually do revelations, not even in Facebook, but now and again part of my secret life might unfold. I have a blog name, don’t we all. I have many blog names actually, and if you knew them all the story of my computer life would probably unfold if you go surfing, but let us remain with Angloswiss. I was originally an Anglo, born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, but grew up in Bethnal Green, East London and spent the first 20 years of my non-blogging life there. I then moved over to Switzerland and remained for the past 49 years, so I became Angloswiss.

I do not have a theme choice, I blog according to what takes my fancy. I would add here that being a little lazy I tend to follow the daily Prompt suggestions, although these are lazy in themselves. Over the last couple of months I discovered the Topic Generator which has poured some fresh ideas into my keyboard. 

I am not the Bill Gates computer lookalike and take the designs offered by WordPress, although I suppose I could let my imagination run amok and do something devastating like a graveyard theme, but again I am a lazy blogger and to be quite honest I do not intend sitting in my waking hours only at the computer, I have a non-computerable life. For those that follow my blogs, the members of my fan club, I do not have to go into details on my bio. Now and again the sordid details do leak through. I wonder if the Queen of England ever reads my blog? I wonder if she writes a blog and what her blog name would be? Perhaps Queenie, although too obvious. “Big Lizzie” might be her name (being an Elizabeth). 

I really do not know about elements telling about myself. I don’t do self analysis. When you are 69 years of age you are glad that you can stand up after a night’s sleep and re-enter the world feeling as fresh as a 69 year old golden oldie can feel. I find that would be more for the others to judge. Some may think I write rubbish, others may acknowledge my blogging talents, once I even dared to insult a fellow blogger, although it was not my intention, she interpreted it as such. A shame really as I am sure under normal circumstances we could have been bloggable colleagues, but that’s the way the blogging cookie crumbles from time to time. Otherwise I am quite a peace loving person and only use my poisoned ink for my voting forms which will be in use at the end of the month, yes we will be voting in Switzerland.

I have to add something. My blogging partner in crime just reminded me about my vampire blogging friends. Yes Vlad and Morticia have become part of the dark side of my life. We often compare blogging notes on our excursions to the graveyards and at a drink at the local blood bank. Of course, not to forget the Jabberwock. My felines quite appreciate having a slithy tove in their wab now and again, not to mention a nocturnal visit from a frumerous bandersnatch wielding his vorpal sword gyring and gambling all over the place. Thanks Marilyn for reminding me. We golden oldies tend to have a short term memory.

And now to do something completely different. Just a moment, what did I hear. Oh, my mirror has a crack from top to bottom. Did I write something wrong?


  1. I think the Queen, if she blogged, would call herself 'Maj' (short for Her Majesty !! :-)

    1. Must do a google search to see if I find something.