Friday, 1 May 2015

Your Life as a Shopper

Grape Hyacinths

Hope you like the photo of the grape hyacinths. I found them in the estate where I live. I don’t feel like doing this prompt for the second time. There are prompts you can write the first time round and fill them with sensational good ideas, but you cannot fool the people the second time and so I must write something completely different.

I discovered that my daily prompt is my life more or less. I have written too many of them so what more can I say on this subject. Nothing spectacular has happened in my life this week. This morning I had a surprising excursion on my own to the local supermarket. It is May Day and everything is closed in Switzerland in the afternoon. This was the signal for the households in this country to buy, buy, buy as everyone was convinced that famine would break out when the shops are closed for the afternoon. Mr. Swiss could not go with me today as he had to wait for an important telephone call. It was raining, no that is an understatement, the monsoon season  had arrived in Switzerland.

When I arrived at the supermarket I was not happy to see that I had place No. 6 in the queue for an empty parking place. However, suddenly a car left and I realised take the chance now, otherwise you will still be waiting until this afternoon. I just love those little spaces where you have to make a 90° turn to fit. Of course there are people that can do this, but I cannot. The result was I made my claim on the empty space, but with a sort of 45° angle parking angle. I could not straighten my car as it decided to make strange peeping noises each time I reversed, which is a built in warning to say don't you dare”, so I left it as it was. It looked very original, resembling a paining from Salvador Dali, although unfortunately I could not hang it over a tree branch and I was actually in no-one’s way, having a small car. I just hoped that when I departed some of the other shopping refugees had already left.

Approaching the entrance to the supermarket I noticed that our supermarket feline was already standing sentinel at the entrance. He did not trust himself to enter, too much chaos. Of course the supermarket was not waiting for me and it was one of those days where you fought your way through the masses and grabbed what you could. Today I was not a happy shopper. I felt as if I was in the Supermarket of Horrors with screaming children and marauding housewives, all of them in my way. I searched for a gun, but had none, so I continued. Eventually I escaped and my thoughts turned to my parking spot. Would I be able to leave without causing a problem, or would I have to battle my way out between two other cars?

It was still raining, ready for that guy who was collecting animals two by two, but today he was collecting shopping trolleys and then a cloud parted, a silver ray of light struck my waiting car and I knew there was hope. Another golden oldie lady was standing next to me and gave me a sympathetic smile. When she opened the car standing next to my obliquely parked car and began to pile in her gains from the shopping trip I knew my luck was in. I looked up, but the cloud had already welded itself together again as if to say “you had your chance so make the most of it”. I looked at my female car parked partner and she gave a knowing sympathetic laugh and produced her car keys.

“Are you leaving, should I move my car?” I asked, although if she had wanted me to fulfil the last question I would have had a problem.

“No problem” she said, entered her car and drove away. I then saw that the parking spot opposite my car was empty What could be better? I turn the key in the ignition, and drove to the empty spot opposite, did a Formula 1 turn and was on the home straight.

I arrived home, threw my loot onto the kitchen table and ignored any welcome noises from other humans. Sorry, but today’s blog is more a psychological meltdown that a blog. It is still raining and according to our weather prophets it will raining for the next 3-4 days.  At least I do not have to water the garden. I will be spending my 1st August afternoon relaxing. 


  1. Ahh, the joys of shopping on or for a holiday. It's May Day Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, but Monday is the actual holiday day. The shops won't shut though....why miss the chance of getting a few more pounds in the tills?? I've just done my weekly food shopping....nothing extra to get than any other week.

    1. I was glad to get it behind me. Mr. Swiss went this morning for a few extras and said the supermarket was packed. I don't know what they all want to buy, it is only two days. We don't have Sunday shopping here thank goodness.

  2. Enjoy the weekend. Hope the weather improves.

    1. The rain has left off a bit, but there will be more tomorrow