Sunday, 10 May 2015

Daily Prompt: Surprise Journeys

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one

Tell us about a journey - now come on, we all make journeys and I told you all about it two years ago. If it is something I dislike it is repeats. My journeys begin in the morning when I arise, you never know what twists and turns the day will take.

This morning I was again alone, Mr. Swiss still being spoilt by all those lovely nurses in the clinic, having breakfast in bed and someone to make his bed for him, or sitting on the clinic terrace sipping coffee. He now takes lunch at the table in his room as he is movable. I was busy at home making my own breakfast, checking on the computer and my super sonic iPhone rang. I stumbled to the next room where it had been hung onto the current and yes, of course, I was too late and it stopped ringing. I checked and saw it to be Mr. Swiss who probably wanted to let me know how he survived the night in the clinic. It was actually something different. he rang to tell me that they could do no more for him. The days of breakfast in bed were over and he would ring again when I could collect him. They no longer wanted him.

I made a decision as I again had to multi task. I decided a shower was priority as I was on call up. Afterwards I could begin my clean-the-appartment routine. An hour later the telephone rang again. Yes, Mr. Swiss was ready for his chauffeuse to collect him. Of course I dropped everything and made off. The clinic is on the other side of town, and as today there is almost no traffic, I could be there within ten minutes. I arrived at the clinic and there he was relaxing on a comfortable bench outside the clinic complete with his luggage. Within another five to ten minutes we were at home. Whilst he unpacked I continue the multi tasking cleaning session. Now I have told you about a journey. It was both physical, having to put my foot on the gas pedal, and also emotional as we were together again.

New garden

Now life is back on the normal road almost. In any case my  day is now normal. We have nice warm sunny weather at the moment. I have two gardens and usually I write my blog on the patio in  the back garden. I decided for a change to go to the front garden - see photo. Nice and shady and a comfortable table. As I have an apple computer, my electricity consumption can run on battery for ten hours so I do not have to plug the machine into the current. Actually I never do, I just upload the current for about thirty minutes in the evening.

I was mistaken. It seems that the constructors of our apartment did not intend for computers to be used in the front garden and I had absolutely no WiFI or any other sort of reception. I took a walk through the apartment and as soon as my computer and I entered the corridor of our apartment I was again online and alive. My computer breathed a sign of relief. I had to dust away the bytes that he coughed up all over my clean floor. I am now again in the back garden, so visions of my neighbours watching as I wrote my blog on my computer in the front garden have disappeared. I really wanted to impress them all with my online gift. Perhaps they might have asked what I was writing and I could have given them the www link to my AngloSwiss WordPress site. Mr. Swiss has now said we should do something about it, meaning calling in the local Bill Gates to WiFi the front garden.

At the moment I am enjoying life, I now have inspiration again as Mr. Swiss is relaxing in on the sunbed with his iPad reading a book. I have realised one thing this week. I am getting older and fixed in my ways. Now life is back to normal. I have my Mr. Swiss again, I have my time again, and I can blog in the afternoon and not a squeezed hour in the evening when I am half asleep. 

Yes Mrs. Angloswiss returns.


  1. Glad to hear your world is centred again :)

  2. Glad to hear Mr Swiss 'survived' his stay in hospital and that all is well in the (AngloSwiss) world again.

    1. Now my oldest son (the autistic one) has a problem and I have to fit in a doctor visit with him. It is difficult as he is not able to explain exatly the wsymptons.